Matt Cassel for MVP ?

John GrayCorrespondent IDecember 21, 2008

With each big win, one has to start considering the improbable: That Matt Cassel could be considered for MVP. At least be considered in the top-five, without a doubt.

Cassel has done the near impossible, starting in the NFL from high school, and now making winning as expected and ordinary as his predecessor, Mr. Gisele Bun-skinny.

The only season that Tom Brady did better was last year, otherwise, Cassel's ahead of Tom's first-year development. 

Just hope the Pats can make the playoffs so we can see them against the top teams while they are playing so well. Be a great shame to not have one of the best teams, and stories, continue in the playoff especially when their record could be as good or better then half the playoff teams.

This year is looking eerily similar to when the Pats first won the Super Bowl with Brady replacing Bledsoe. 

If Cassel leads to Pats to the title, wins the MVP of the big game, and/or the season, do they keep him and say goodbye to "Tom Terrific?" With each success it makes that decision ever more tough for Kraft and friends to make.

Cassel is, by far, the Pats' MVP this year and could be of the league by the end of next week. Do you keep him for long-term success and get draft picks for Brady, or hang on to Brady for three or four years and reminisce of the good times? 

Tough choice, but grateful for the great year Cassel provided when I obviously thought the season was a total loss when Brady went down. I am very happy to be corrected and hope to see the Pats in the postseason, led by Cassel.