Randy Lerner's Villa March On

dave evansContributor IDecember 21, 2008

How are you supposed to feel when an unknown, media shy, and almost cryptic yank buys your beloved football club? Do you worry, fret, or otherwise ponder the future? Maybe you become xenophobic, like the very worst Manchester United fan and burn the stars and stripes in a pseudo-hamas style street gathering?

Do you worry that his NFL team consistently fails to inspire? Or do you throw a party?

Well, us Brumies (exempting small heath) chose the later. Here, in this quiet American, we sensed our salvation. Here was the man to lift us from the pain of wasted potential, mid-table obscurity and worse, much worse beatings by those hateful blues.

And we were right to party, while the American owners of Man Utd. had to run hate-filled gauntlets to enter their own stadium and the American takeover of Liverpool turned into a train wreck, Randy Lerner efficiently reordered the club and put his full support in manager Martin O'Neil.

What has this soft and assured stewardship given us? Confidence. The same confidence that Mr. Lerner gave his staff now permeates the club. Aston Villa once more are a team to be feared. A counter-attacking cheetah, paced free, passing horror that you don't want tearing up your pitch.

The confidence that see's Villa beating Arsenal at the Emirates and fresh young English talent knocking on England manager Capello's door. This weekend, Aston Villa sit third in possibly the hardest most important and certainly the richest football league in the world.

Whispered talk is in the air of a return to European glories and eternal bragging rights in the city of Birmingham. Of these things I am confident.

Oh, to be a Villa fan, thank you Randy, thank you America!