Kansas City Chiefs Have No Playoff Chance: The Reason- Math

John BartramCorrespondent IINovember 25, 2011

Chiefs New QB
Chiefs New QB

I think it is safe to say that there will be no wild card coming out of the AFC West.  Therefore, in order for the Chiefs to go to the playoffs, they must win the division.

Not a chance.

All one has to do is look at the numbers, and be reasonable and objective.  Even with that said, I'm going be generous in how I look at this breakdown.

The Chiefs currently sit at the bottom of a very tight division at 4-6.  Tyler Palko gets his second, and probably last start of the season on Sunday night against the Steelers.  I do not believe the Chiefs can, or will win this game.

If true, that leaves the Chiefs at 4-7.  That means the Chiefs would have to run the table to finish at 9-7, which may conceivably win this division, but more realistically, it will take 10 wins.

We will take a brief look at their remaining schedule to see why there is not a remote possibility of that happening.

Steelers—Kansas City scored 3 points against the Patriots, one of the weakest defenses in the league.  The Steelers have one of the better defenses.  I expect a long night for young Mr. Palko and the run game of the Chiefs to continue to have difficulty.    Record—4-7

Bears (road game)—This is a more interesting game due to Cutler's injury.  Even with that, and with Kyle Orton's probable motivation, I don't see the Chiefs winning.  This will be Orton's first game.  The Bears have an excellent defense and can run.  Just for kicks, let's say the Chiefs upset the Bears and we'll give them an upset and a win.  Record—5-7

Jets (road game)—The Jets have had an up and down season.  They will, however, beat the Chiefs. Though not the most logical of explanations, the Chiefs are not winning both the Bear and Jet games, back to back, on the road.  Pick your poison.  Record—5-8

Packers—I don't care where the game is played and won't bothering breaking down anything.  Record- 5-9

Oakland—I believe Oakland, even with some current injury problems, is the team to beat in the AFC West.  Carson Palmer is becoming more comfortable and the team is coming together.  Kansas City caught them at the perfect time in the last game.  Oakland won't forget that.  Record—5-10.

Denver (road game)—This game might be the most fun of all the remaining games.  Kyle Orton will be as comfortable as possible by then.  I think he will be highly motivated to win this game.  Also, if he does well with the Chiefs, they will rally around him.  Chiefs win.  Final record—6-10

If someone wants to make the argument that the Chiefs can win both in Chicago and New Jersey, I'll play along.

Even if some delusional fans want to throw the Raider game in there among the wins, that would leave the Chiefs with a record of 7-9.

First, they will not win all three of those games. 

So, based on the logic of basic math, how can anyone make a reasonable argument that the Chiefs can possibly make they playoffs?

I'd love to hear a solid, logical argument that could refute any of this, or any scenario that has the Kansas City Chiefs win the AFC West.

Do tell.