Neymar Praises Leo Messi and FC Barcelona in Interview

Roberto Alvarez-GallosoChief Writer INovember 25, 2011

Leo Messi: FC Barcelona VS AC Milan UEFA Champions League
Leo Messi: FC Barcelona VS AC Milan UEFA Champions LeagueClaudio Villa/Getty Images

Santos forward Neymar praised Leo Messi and FC Barcelona in an interview with The interview was published in While praising Messi and FC Barcelona, Neymar admitted that he need to learn a lot more in order to improve his football.

Neymar stated that FC Barcelona began to their present course a long time ago and are now receiving the rewards. Neymar continued his praises by saying that FC Barcelona deserves praise for bringing joy for those who love world football.

Neymar is on the ball when it comes to FC Barcelona, especially under Pep Guardiola and Messi. Barcelona have won two UEFA Champions League trophies under Guardiola, and recently defeated AC Milan.

Under Guardiola, Barca won the Spanish Cup three consecutive times, UEFA Super Cup, World Wide Cup, World Club Cup, Copa Del Rey and Spanish Super Copa. Tony Mabert wrote a brilliant article about the achievements of Messi with Barca.

According to the article "Lionel Messi: 10 of the Best Moments Of His Career, Messi scored 200 goals in less than 300 matches played with Barca. Messi (according to the FC Barcelona website), won for Barca the following: UEFA Champions League trophy three times, the Spanish Cup, UEFA Super Cup two times, Spanish Super Cup five times and the FIFA Club World Cup.

It is hoped that FC Barcelona can continue its achievements, since they are deserving of them and more.