20 Gifts to Buy for Your MMA Fan This Black Friday

Matt Juul@@MattchidaMMAContributor IIINovember 25, 2011

20 Gifts to Buy for Your MMA Fan This Black Friday

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    Well, it's that time of year again where crazed consumers line up outside big department stores in the middle of the night in order to purchase their holiday gifts at insanely low prices.

    For those looking to get something special for the mixed martial arts fan in their life, Black Friday may not be as important.  However, many sites catering to MMA enthusiasts are having fantastic deals.

    Here are 20 gifts to get the fight fan in your life.

MMA-Themed Drinkware

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    Why give the same old boring mugs and shot glasses when you can give one emblazoned with the logo of your favorite MMA companies?

    The UFC, TapouT, and many other industry leaders offer a variety drinkware containing their symbols on it, a perfect gift for the MMA fan in your life who likes to sit back and enjoy a drink.

    They'll love this gift come the next fight day when they can pour a nice beer into their new favorite mug.

Training Gear

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    Anyone who trains in MMA would not be opposed to more training gear as a part of their holiday gift.

    Whether it's hand wraps, a new gi, or a pair of fight shorts, the aspiring fighter in your life would love more gear, even if only for the fact that they don't have to do laundry as often.

    With so many brands out there offering great deals on this Black Friday, go out and get some awesome new training supplies for a fantastic price.

Instructional Books

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    Add to your MMA-enthused loved one's fight game by getting them one of the many instructional books available at your local book store.

    Usually co-authored by professional trainers and fighters, a lot of these books offer great insight into the various techniques used today.

    Just make sure that they don't show their appreciation by practicing these painful moves on you.

TapouT Shirt

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    TapouT shirts have become synonymous with the MMA fan.

    These shirts have become the attire of choice for fight fans who wear them virtually everywhere, whether it's at the bar, in the gym, even at work (when it's a casual day).

    On this Black Friday, many sites are offering great deals for this iconic brand, so jump on it and add to your loved one's collection of TapouT shits.

Rampage Chain

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    Comes complete with a pair of heavy hands and a wolf's howl.

BJ Penn's "Why I Fight"

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    Before becoming Bleacher Report's newest writer, former two-time UFC champion BJ Penn wrote "Why I Fight", an autobiography detailing his humble beginnings in Hawaii to becoming a pioneer and one of the biggest stars in the sport's history.

    "Why I Fight" is a great read for anyone who wants to peer behind the all the cameras and hype to truly see how a champion is forged through a lifetime of experience.

Best of WEC

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    Was the MMA fan in your life sad to see the WEC merge with the UFC?

    Well, give them the opportunity to relive these happy memories with a DVD set of the Best of the WEC.

    Featuring stars like Urijah Faber and Ben Henderson, this DVD is filled with action-packed bouts between some of the best and most dynamic fighters in the lighter divisions.

    With this gift, expect hours of non-stop action that your MMA-crazed loved one will thoroughly enjoy.

Replica Belt

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    Crown your loved one as the new UFC champion this holiday season with a replica championship belt.

    Fans can get copies of these large, gold-colored accessories that look identical to the ones awarded to the real UFC champions.

    Just make sure that they don't get an ego boost and overestimate their skills when they wear the belt around the house.

MMA Action Figures

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    Let's face it, action figures are great.  But action figures of MMA's most popular stars? AMAZING!

    These figures will allow your friend or loved one to finally be able to see earth-shattering superfights in the flesh, well, plastic.

    Whether the fan is 4 years old or 45, it is almost impossible not to get the urge to play around with these mini-replicas with these action figures lying around.

TUF Octagon Necklace

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    Does your loved one dream of making into The Ultimate Fighter house?

    Well, give them the next best thing by making them look the part with an Octagon necklace.

    Surprisingly stylish, this accessory worn by the show's cast members is a perfect little gift for fans of the long-running reality show.  


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    This gift is targeted to more of a younger audience, but if your MMA-crazed loved one is still a kid at heart, then they will love having a life-sized replica of their favorite fighter plastered on their wall.

    Fatheads have been gaining popularity in recent years, allowing fans to put two-dimensional versions of famous athletes right on their wall.

    If your fan is a little too young, I would advise against putting a replica of Brock Lesnar on their wall.  That would even give me nightmares.

Pride DVD Collections

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    If your MMA loving friend or family member is a fanatic for the sport's old days, then Pride was a big deal to them.

    Give them the opportunity to relive these happy memories by buying them a set of Pride DVDs.  Get them a collection of all these legendary bouts when guys like Mirko Cro Cop, Wanderlei Silva, and Rampage Jackson were in their primes.

    Trust me when I say that this gift will be have your MMA fan glued to the TV after unwrapping this present.

Ring Girls Calendar

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    Do I really have to say why this is an awesome gift? 12 months of these vivacious babes should hold over a fight fan lucky enough to get this gift until the next holiday.

UFC Undisputed 3

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    If your fan is an avid gamer, then they must be giddy over the upcoming addition to the UFC's Undisputed franchise.

    Set for release in 2012, UFC Undisputed 3 sports a host of new features including enhanced gameplay, the addition of two weight classes, and the ability to play in Pride mode.

    Pre-order this game and the MMA fan in your life will definitely be excited.

Warrior on Blu-Ray

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    Warrior, starring Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton, is the single best MMA movie in existence.

    Released earlier this year, the plot surrounds a returning war hero and his family-man brother who's running into money problems, as they are both set to compete in the biggest MMA tournament ever.

    Featuring great acting and stunning fight scenes, Warrior is the definitive cinematic experience for any MMA fan. 

Strikeforce/Bellator Tickets

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    Seeing MMA events in person is a surreal experience.

    The sight of tens of thousands of knowledgeable fans all cheering and chanting in one room gives me chills every time I go.

    Why not treat your MMA-crazed loved one to a night of awesome pro fights and bring them to either of the two less popular yet consistently exciting promotions in Strikeforce or Bellator?

Ultimate Fight Collection 2011 Edition DVD

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    This 20-disc box set contains hours upon hours of the greatest fights in UFC history.

    With over 40 hours of footage, including 10 hours of content available on DVD for the first time, this is a must-have item for every fight fan.

    Don't expect your loved one to be moving from the couch anytime soon if you choose to give them this fantastic gift.

Autographed Memorabilia

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    For most sports fans, getting your favorite athlete's autograph is a memory to be cherished forever.

    If the MMA fanatic in your life can't make it to an event or a meet and greet to get a fighter's signature, why do them a favor and get them a signed piece of memorabilia.  

    These collectible items range from autographed trading cards to used gloves, giving bargain hunters options if they want to sniff out a deal.

    Regardless, owning a piece of history will be a gift that every MMA fan would love.

Private Lessons with Fighters

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    A lot of fighters these days offer one-on-one private lessons that fans can purchase.

    What better gift for the aspiring fighter in your life then giving them the opportunity to learn from some of the best-trained fighters on the planet?

    Private lessons tend to be a bit pricey for the casual consumer, but it will be money well spent for a memory they will never forget.

UFC Tickets

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    There is no better gift for the MMA fan in your life than bringing him or her to a live UFC event.

    Going to see the best MMA promotion in person is an experience unrivaled by almost every other sporting event today.

    Maybe not the greatest bargain during this Black Friday, taking that special MMA enthusiast to the fights in person will definitely make this a dream come true and the best holiday season ever for them.

    Getting the chance to see some of their favorite fighters in the flesh, this gift will have your loved one thanking you over and over again for years to come.

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