Cody Green and Dayton Fall Short of Championship Huskers Awaits in January 09

Bugeatersteve StuchlikCorrespondent IDecember 21, 2008

In Saturday night's Texas high school 4A division two championship a little defense was all that was necessary to win the title. Unfortunately for Husker bound quarterback Cody Green his Dayton Broncos could not provide any of it.

In a game that set the Texas High School record for most combined points in an 11-man title game Sulphur Springs defeated Green and the Broncos 69-49. The 118 point explosion destroyed the previous record of 92 points when Lewisville defeated Converse Judson 58-34. The all-time Texas record is 152 points in a six-man game.

This game produced 1,402 total yards and 17 touchdowns with Dayton accounting for 618 of the yards, including 424 total yards by the Husker bound Green who threw for 330 yards and rushed for another 94 yards.

Unfortunately Dayton could not find a way to contain Sulphur Springs quarterback Tyrik Rollison who threw for 398 yards and four scores and rushing for 126 yards and three more scores.

In the first half alone the teams combined for 11 touchdowns on 16 possessions, including alternating touchdowns on seven straight possessions, all in less than six minutes of clock time for a 42-35 halftime score.  It would have taken a stenographer to be able to keep up with the scoring while blogging, simply mind-boggling.

Green’s teammate, University of Houston bound A.J. Dugat had 231 yards and three touchdowns in the game, could only shake his head afterwards. “They’ve got a great offense. They’ve got a lot of speed, a lot of power. It was a great game, it just sucks we had to lose,” said Dugat.

The turning point in the game occurred after Sulphur Springs scored in the third quarter to take a 49-41 lead. The Wildcats fooled everyone in the Alamodome with an on-sides kick, which they recovered. Four plays later they scored again to make it 56-41 and the Broncos were never able to recover.

Dayton coach Jerry Stewart said, “We ran out of steam and they were still bringing wave after wave after wave, and we were out of people.” The Wildcats amassed a total of 778 yards and had many of the people in attendance thinking of the Oklahoma Sooners with the efficiency they displayed on offense.

Dayton and Green end their season with a 13-2 record falling just one game short of their goal. Green is scheduled to be in Lincoln in January for the spring semester, which will allow him to partake in the Huskers spring practice, which will give him valuable practice time towards next season. Great season Cody!