Apparently Andy Kennedy Didn't Realize We Were Living In Post 9/11

Danny CarberryContributor IDecember 21, 2008

Whether or not Andy Kennedy just arrived in 2008 via Delorean or transporter, he didn't realize the name Bin Laden was perched with the "Whole Terrorism thingy".

Police arrested Mississippi men's basketball coach Andy Kennedy early Thursday after a cab driver said the coach punched him while calling him "bin Laden" and other racial insults.

A pretrial hearing has been set for Jan. 16. Kennedy was charged with a first-degree misdemeanor count of assault, which would carry a maximum sentence of six months in jail if he is convicted.

Kennedy stated,

I didn't realize someone calling a guy Bin Laden mean't I was making a racial slant. I call my guys Pol Pot's all the time and I don't think they are Khmer Rouge leaders. It's just crazy when you call someone a name and they immediately think you're a racist hick. Who hasn't punched a cabbie in his/her life. Seriously, If I had a nickel.

I just want to get back to coaching basketball and put this whole incident behind me. All the people at the University know that I am no longer affiliated with the Klan or any white power organizations since early 2003. It's not like I am being a Jew or something.

The man Kennedy Allegedly punched, Jiddou, a 25-year-old native of the northwest Africa country of Mauritania, told reporters that the altercation broke out after Kennedy hailed him and then asked him to pick up his friends. When four other people tried to get in, Jiddou said, he told them he couldn't take that many because he only had four seat belts.

Jiddou said Kennedy then began yelling, cussing him and calling him "bin Laden, Saddam Hussein," and hit him in the face. Police said the left side of Jiddou's face was swollen; at his northern Kentucky home more than 12 hours later, he had no apparent injuries and said he wasn't hurt physically but was upset to be compared to the terrorist leader.

A friend of Jiddou explains what happens here~