Tony Romo Should Not Care What The Media Will Say About The Cowboys After Loss

john dmytrukCorrespondent IDecember 21, 2008

Early Friday morning, I received the following text message from a friend, a die-hard Cowboys fan: "Cowboys 30 Ravens 7.  We are on our way to Tampa."  Now, I am not a Cowboys fan, and I will most likely root against them as it suits my needs. So, you know, I wasn't watching the game especially, since Comcast makes me pay for the NFL Network.

This morning when I put on ESPN, not only did I see the score, I also heard what Tony Romo had to say about the game.  He said that the media would probably have them as losers again after having them as winners last week. 

Well Tony, you don't really have control of your future playoff hopes now. Also, at one point, the Giants dominated the Eastern Division while you hung out in third place.  And your win over the Giants made you look like serious playoff contender.

If he thinks that the Dallas media could be fickle, he should read and listen to the New York media.  After the Jets beat the Titans, they started writing and talking about a Giants and Jets Superbowl.  All the talk ended when the both teams started losing.  Now the media chides them when ever they can.

I heard a local radio show host say that the Jets should take their win over Buffalo as a favor from the gods, and try to make something out of the win.  Other talking-heads treat both teams with caution when talking about wins now.  So, the Cowboys do not face anymore media changing opinions than any other team in the NFL.

Now, I comeback to my friend.  I will text him tomorrow with the real score, and remind him he still owes me a sandwich for the Cowboys' loss to the Rams.