Manchester United: 5 Most Loyal Players in Team History

Zaakir HoosenAnalyst INovember 24, 2011

Manchester United: 5 Most Loyal Players in Team History

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    Loyalty in the modern game is very rarely seen as a popular attribute. Some might have it, very few might act on it.

    Well, for Manchester United, they are lucky enough to have a host of players that love the club as much as any fan.

    While there might be a long list of serving Reds who could make this list, we preview just five names who, despite all odds, remained faithful to the club.

Gary Neville (1992-2011)

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    Gary Neville is amongst a few players who played their entire career at one club, with great success.

    Neville has made over 600 appearances for Manchester in his 19 years at the club, with 400 of those coming in the League remarkably.

    His passion and desire could be felt almost every time he walked on the pitch, never giving the opposition an inch to be comfortable.

    Many feel he played a season or two too long, but the idea of giving up the captain armband couldn't be an easy task.

    Neville has since joined the commentary team for Sky Sports.

Paul Scholes (1994-2011)

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    Having joined the club's youth system in 1991, Paul Scholes has since become a true legend at Old Trafford.

    Another one-man club player who marked his career with great success and enough silverware to show for it.

    Having played 466 league games, a total of 676 for the club is not a small achievement. It's not a common sight in modern football and an example to young players.

    His range of passing across field is tough to be matched. Some might say that only the likes of Xavi and Iniesta come close to his ability, whilst the two Spaniards hail Scholesy as one of the best midfielders the game has seen.

    So deep runs the love of United, that after 20 years with the club, Scholes has joined the coaching staff at Carrington.

David Beckham (1993-2003)

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    He did not have played his entire career at Manchester United and left under difficult circumstances, but David Beckham remains a symbol of this great club.

    Beckham will forever remain a legend of United and a fan favorite, and as for the man himself, it's widely recognized that David "hates" to play against his former club.

    Recent rumors linking him with a return to the Premier League were squashed after Beckham made it clear he couldn't imagine lining up against Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United, according to BBC Sport.

    It seems after playing for Real Madrid, AC Milan and LA Galaxy, the only other place he would like to play at is at Manchester United.

    While he might not have played as many games as the other names on the list, his 394 will always be remembered as one of the true heroes of the No. 7 jersey.

    A boyhood fan who cannot let go...

Bobby Charlton (1956-73)

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    Without a doubt, Sir Bobby Charlton is amongst the great names to play at Old Trafford, a legend and a hero.

    Looking on after all the years is a familiar face who sits in the stands week in and week out. Now at the age of 74, he continues with his United affair.

    He played over 750 games for United (600-plus League games), and his presence in the midfield is one that made the team of 1966-67 so successful.

Ryan Giggs (1991-Present)

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    Having gone through the list, we look at some names and wonder if they could come back and help win another title. Well, Ryan Giggs hasn't gone anywhere just yet.

    Having had a spell under Manchester City at youth level, Giggs was offered a trial at Manchester United, and that's where the love affair began.

    Since joining the youth academy in 1987, Giggs has been all RED.

    He has played a total of 886 games, 620 in the league, scoring a goal in every single season of the Premier League.

    Giggs will remain a United fan. His success at the club is unmatched, having won 12 league titles, four FA Cups and two Champions League medals plus countless other titles, a total of 33 winners medals. 

    He might be 37 years old, but the desire to win is like that of a 10-year-old: Hungry for success, passionate and always ready to turn up on the day.

    A No. 11 with distinction, a rare breed of one-man club player, whose set the benchmark at United, an example to the ever-growing youth force at Carrington, a fan and a mentor for all.

    After playing your entire career for one club winning it all, is it possible to have any love for anything else?