Ole Miss Football: Rumors Surrounding Leach & Malzahn Look Gloomy for Rebel Fans

Bohdi SandersContributor IIINovember 23, 2011

Will Mike Leach come to Ole Miss?
Will Mike Leach come to Ole Miss?

Today's Ole Miss coaching buzz is sure to disappoint Rebel fans. The skinny around the college football water cooler is that neither Mike Leach nor Gus Malzahn will be coming to Oxford.

Rebel fans everywhere have been excited about the possibility of getting Leach or Malzahn as their new head coach. The word is that those in charge are not interested in Leach for undisclosed reasons. Leach was thought by many to be the first choice for the position.

Furthermore, it is looking more and more like Malzahn may be heading to North Carolina, which might appear to Malzahn to be an easier place to build a winning reputation since the ACC is a much weaker conference than the SEC.

There is also some talk of Baylor needing to offer head coach Art Briles a nice raise in order to keep him around. Briles has been mentioned as being very interested in the Ole Miss position.

If neither Malzahn nor Leach pans out, Briles could be the top candidate for the position.

The Ole Miss search committee is staying pretty closed-mouthed about its thoughts. Both Leach and Malzahn are also being pretty quiet about their intentions as well.

I don't look for any decisions to be made until the end of November at the earliest, but I'm not on the committee either.