WWE News: Vince McMahon Loses Faith in Alberto Del Rio? More on CM Punk's Win

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WWE News: Vince McMahon Loses Faith in Alberto Del Rio? More on CM Punk's Win
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Alberto Del Rio

There's a great deal of political fallout from WWE's Survivor Series pay-per-view, as Dave Meltzer notes in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter. As most know, loudmouth, ice-cream loving baby-face CM Punk emerged from Madison Square Garden as the new champion after making Alberto Del Rio tap clean to a vicious Anaconda Vise in a heated title match.

To cut the legs off Del Rio (whom WWE has been building up as a serious main-eventer since his debut in the summer of 2010) so early, led many to suspect that there was a story here. Many thought, possibly, that top WWE brass had lost faith in the Mexican star to be a fully-fledged main-eventer.

Meltzer confirms this, noting: "McMahon has lost confidence in him according to multiple sources, and with the experiment of bringing in stars from Mexico, with the idea it hasn’t worked out as he had envisioned."

Certainly, a lukewarm Del Rio did not perform as one would have hoped during his recent main event run.

His promo work was achingly bland, something Punk even poked fun at on a recent episode of Raw,  and his in-ring work fine but unspectacular. He didn't seem to provoke much of a reaction from fans anywhere, not even when Raw emanated from his home country of Mexico.

Of course, some of the blame for this has to be pinned on the erratic nature of WWE's booking team.

They kept putting off giving Del Rio his planned first title run, allowing his act to grow stale, and then when they finally did have him win the title (at the Summerslam pay-per-view), had him lose it to John Cena just four week later at Night of Champions!

What a startling way to book someone you aspire to be your next big top star.

McMahon's loss of faith in bringing in Mexican stars to fill the void left by an injury-prone Rey may also stem from the Sin Cara situation,

Since debuting earlier this year, the luchador has been plagued with numerous problems: political issues over his backstage attitude, a suspension (he failed a drug test over the summer and was gone for 30 days) and an extremely serious knee injury at last week's pay-per-view when he ruptured his patella.    

Meltzer also mentions that McMahon has become much more of a backer of CM Punk: "Right now Vince McMahon has made the commitment to Punk as champion. They are back in the mindset of trying to strengthen the belt by not changing it every month."

Knowing the incredibly fickle nature of Vince McMahon these days—seeing how quickly he dropped the ball on Del Rio, Jack Swagger, Evan Bourne and others—it remains to be seen how long this new resolve to give Punk a longer world title reign will last.

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