The Top Sets of Brothers in the NFL Today

Steven LiaoContributor IIINovember 25, 2011

The Top Sets of Brothers in the NFL Today

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    It's Thanksgiving, and everyone has a lot to be thankful for.

    We, the fans, can be thankful that we're even watching football at all, given the lockout the NBA is currently submerged in. The players can be thankful they are in the NFL, fulfilling a childhood dream and making a sizable living playing football.

    The families of players can be thankful that their child is living a dream. In some cases, those families have twice as much to be thankful for—they have two children living the dream.

    (Maybe Adrian Peterson disagrees, but seriously, playing football for a living is nothing to complain about.)

    Let's take a look at some of the most successful brothers currently in the league. The list is not in any specific order.

The Pounceys

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    I'm not going to get into the Maurkice Pouncey is overrated talk, because either way, these Pounceys have made quite a splash.

    Maurkice, who plays for the Steelers, is leading the AFC in Pro Bowl votes at the center position. Mike, who plays for the Dolphins, is performing admirably as a rookie.

    When Maurkice entered the draft one year earlier, many speculated that the reason for doing so was so the two brothers could be reunited on the same team.

    The plan nearly came to fruition, but the Dolphins couldn't miss out on a chance to grab a Pouncey.

    Needless to say, these nice-looking, fearsome twin brothers are quite the duo.

The McCourtys

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    The McCourtys are the second group of twins on the list.

    Devin McCourty, a Patriot, made the Pro Bowl as a rookie, while Jason, a Titan, has quietly been performing well for his sixth round pick value.

    Their success is so touching since both twins are soft-spoken, classy, grounded and very filial. Much of their success can be attributed to their mom.

    She raised them very strictly and with a lot of love. In return, the twins combined to buy their mom her dream house this offseason.

The Mannings

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    You know what I hate? Conversations like this:

    Me: Hey man, how'd Manning do today? I need him to do good for my fantasy team.

    Friend: Oh man, he was awesome. I think he got something like 400 yards and four touchdowns.

    Me: Yes! *Cheers silently, and goes to check fantasy team. I notice Manning had 200 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions.*

    Me: What! You just lied to me! You despicable, licentious, reprehensible, fabricating, good-for-nothing jerk! Our friendship is no more!

    Friend: Wait, chill out dude. I was telling the truth. Peyton Manning really did put up those stats.

    Me: Oh... ! You meant Peyton Manning.


    Ah, the joy of talented brothers in the league that both play the same position.

The Gronkowskis

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    The Gronkowski family is one so many typical Americans can relate to.

    Growing up in Buffalo, the family consisted of five boys whose parents were both athletes in college. The family was wealthy and lived on a street with mostly other boys.

    The result, well, was exactly what you expect. Things happen when you put a bunch of bored, yet rowdy and athletic boys together on a street.

    Three of the five Gronkowski boys have made it to the NFL. Dan, the second oldest, and Rob, the fourth oldest, play for the Patriots. Chris, the third oldest, plays for the Colts.

    Rob is clearly the guy who gives the family recognition. Rob is arguably the best tight end in the league with his ability to both make big plays and give punishing blocks.

    Here's an excellent read on the family. You can get a really nice feel on how driven, fun, rowdy and close-knit the five brothers are.

The Matthews'

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    The Matthews' have a predilection for long hair and quality football.

    There's really not much to say about Clay. He plays for the Packers, he has incredibly long hair and he is a beastly pass rusher.

    Casey, his younger brother, was drafted this year by the Eagles. He's already starting for the team.

    Their family is so talented at football it's not even funny. Six Mathews' (from their family) are currently in or have played in the NFL. For the most part, they've been remarkably successful.

The Harbaughs

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    On a day when families are supposed to unite, the Harbaugh brothers were pitted against each other in a grueling battle for supremacy in their respective conferences.

    John, the older Harbaugh, proved victorious, leading his team to a 16-6 victory.

    John Harbaugh's Ravens are now 8-3 with the best record in the AFC. Meanwhile, the resurgent 49ers, led by Jim Harbaugh, drop to 9-2.

    These two guys are young and have been consistently winning for their football teams. Since John took over the Ravens, the team has had a 40-19 regular season record.

    Jim, a first-year coach in the NFL, had major success with Stanford. He's taken a mediocre 49ers team to new heights this season, leading them to a 9-2 record and creating arguably the league's best defense in the process. His team is so good, in fact, that before the loss to the Ravens, it was widely considered the second best team in the league.

    Could the Harbaughs be the most promising pair of coaches in the league?

The Ryans

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    You either hate these guys or you love them.

    Outspoken, rash and brutally honest, sometimes you can't help but appreciate these brothers and what they've brought to the league.

    Rex coaches the Jets, while Rob is the defensive coordinator of the Cowboys.

    Not only are they good coaches who utilize exotic, aggressive blitzing schemes, they make headline news and make football all the more interesting, sometimes in disturbing ways.

It Runs in the Family

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    Given that it's the holiday season, we might as well embrace the brothers in the NFL.

    I'd like to clarify here that this article only concerns current brothers in the league, so that's why you don't see guys like Tiki and Ronde Barber or Champ and Boss Bailey. Both pairs have one brother unemployed or out of the league right now.

    Anyway, it's entirely possible I missed someone. If I did, please let me know in the comments below.