A Tough First Half

The Brothers LynnCorrespondent IDecember 20, 2008

So a little bit of sloppiness is to be expected after almost a month off, but it was getting a little out of hand there for a little while.  It’s like the ball is greased or something.

BYU does seem to be finding a little bit of rhythm; unfortunately it is half way through the game already. I think the biggest thing killing BYU right now is the absence of Dennis Pitta.  I know he is on the field at times, but he is certainly not himself. BYU’s offense just isn’t the same without him.

On defense, BYU HAS to find some way to get some pressure on Tuitama.  I would say give Arizona some credit, but BYU is only rushing three or four every down.  There have been one or two downs where they rushed five or six, and what was the result? Incomplete passes.  He is not a good enough quarterback to handle a lot of pressure, but for whatever reason BYU can’t create any.

On offense, they simply need to keep doing what they did to finish the half, minus three penalties on third down.  The announcers keep talking about how much bigger and stronger BYU is, so they need to use that to their advantage and keep smashing Harvey down their throats. 

They were starting to get worn down, and it will only get worse.