"Thank You, Mark Cuban"

JerseySenior Analyst IDecember 20, 2008

When the Nets traded Jason Kidd (and others) for Devin Harris (and others) last year, it looked like a good deal for the Nets. Devean George (or his agent, at least) tried to stifle it, but thank goodness it went through, and the Nets got younger and cheaper, punting an already lost season to invest in the future.

Harris has played extremely well this year, showing just how great the trade was for New Jersey/Brooklyn. And last night, we got our first look at how the major pieces looked against one another.

If the Nets and their fans needed any more proof that the trade was a good one, last night's romp over the Mavericks was exactly that. Not only did the Nets win 121-97, but Harris completely outplayed his counterpart, scoring 41 points and adding 13 assists. Kidd's 17 points and seven assists weren't bad, but nowhere near what Harris put up.

The Nets are playing surprisingly well, and while they may not finish the year above .500, they have exceeded everyone's expectations. They are a young team on the rise, and with Harris, their young core, and a big free agent signing in two years, they're not far away from being championship contenders once again. The Mavericks, conversely, are on the decline, with the team getting older and other teams passing them in the power rankings.

As the Nets fans chanted at the end of last night's game, "Thank you, Cuban," the Nets are in a good position because of him.