Cung Le on Silva Bout: "Ref Should Watch Those Shots to Back of the Head More"

Jordy McElroyCorrespondent INovember 23, 2011

Cung Le's UFC debut didn't go down exactly as planned at UFC 139.

The former Strikeforce middleweight champion was stopped in the second round after having his face rearranged in vintage fashion by MMA legend Wanderlei Silva.

Le recently uploaded a picture on his Facebook page to show off the results of Silva's handiwork. His face may look like a mess, but Le admitted the majority of his pain comes from a few illegal shots to the back of the head that went unnoticed.

"The back of my head hurts worst than my face. The Ref needs to watch the strikes to the back of the head more," Le posted.

After getting dropped by a knee in the clinch, Le reached out desperately for a single leg takedown. However, Silva instinctively sprawled out and began raining down hammer fists.

It was an awkward position for both fighters, but the shots from Silva seem to land towards the back of Le's head. After three or four ground punches were thrown, the referee stepped in and immediately called a halt to the action.

Despite his initial comments, Le understands the punches were unintentional and he doesn't want to make excuses for losing. Silva was simply the better man that night.

"After my fight I told Wandy that it was an honor to fight him. I have no excuse for my lost. My comment about the back of my head "hurts more than my face" is because I get hit in the face during my face is more conditioned," Le followed in another post.