The Hottest Women in Sports You've Never Heard of

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIINovember 27, 2011

The Hottest Women in Sports You've Never Heard of

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    While many women in sports continue to build their legacies, there are some who have yet to scrape the edge of stardom. 

    They may lack the dramatic lifestyles that some of their peers are clearly entrenched in, but these unknown women are ready to earn respect for their beautiful impact on sports.

    From exotic WAGs and vivacious athletes to mysterious reporters and eager cheerleaders, these women are moments away from fame.

    Here are the hottest women in sports who have yet to be fully introduced.


25. Molly Qerim

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    She may be the sexiest sports anchor at CBS, but Molly Qerim is more respected for being one of the first females in the MMA/UFC broadcast industry.

    Qerim is also well-rounded, having traveled to cover the Super Bowl, Heisman Trophy ceremony, UFC events, the NBA draft and All-Star Game and the MLB All-Star game.

    Few wouldn't embrace the opportunity to be interviewed by this beauty.

24. Katie Marshall

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    While she may not play soccer for Lyon College anymore, Katie Marshall is still impressing fans with her prowess in the spotlight.

    Modeling seems to be in the near future.

23. Claudia Toth

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    For fans who have yet to follow curling, they now have the perfect excuse to embrace the sport.

    As the Austrian national curling team skip, Claudia Toth clearly excites a beleaguered crowd and improves a seemingly-mundane sport.

22. Anastasia Luppova

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    Miss Billiards 2009 may be stellar at working the pockets, but her on-camera poses are what truly garners an audience.

    Her focus speaks for itself.

21. Kirsty Gallacher

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    Arguably the most vivacious Scottish television presenter, Kirsty Gallacher seemingly combines beauty and a calm demeanor to attract an audience.

    While she's known for her work with Sky Sports News, Gallacher likely garners more attention for having been the cover girl for Maxim and FHM. 

20. Anastasia Ashley

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    The calm sand, aggressive waves and scorching sun seem like the ideal environment for this sexy professional surfer.

    Her smile reeks of satisfaction, her pose of relaxation.

19. Mirella Grisales

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    While she is undoubtedly applauded for her breathtaking sports reporting, Mirella Grisales shadows the world of WAGs as one of the former conquests of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

    Her exotic eccentricities never fail to excite.

18. Lekha Washington

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    Fans in the United States may not be familiar with cricket yet, but it's only a matter of time before they are introduced to the sport's sexy reporters.

    Known for being signed on to anchor an analysis and interview show that covered cricket during the maiden season of the Indian Premier League, Indian actress Lekha Washington can clearly succeed in any endeavor.

17. Sam Ryan

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    As a sports anchor and reporter for MLB Network, Sam Ryan undoubtedly improves the flare behind the often-tedious sport of baseball.

    If the history of sexy reporters is any indication, Ryan will soon find herself gracing the covers of numerous magazines.

16. Win McMurry

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    While golf fans know her as a contributor on the “Grey Goose 19th Hole,” Win McMurry is seemingly starting to garner attention for her exhilarating smile and innocent sexiness.

    With her confident aura, she is just beginning to scratch away at the edge of fame.

15. Sophie Blake

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    While she is known for her work with Sky Sports, Sophie Blake likely garners the most attention for her poses in Maxim and Nuts.

    Her topless appearance in Page Three undoubtedly brought plenty of fan approval as well.

14. Brooke Sorenson

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    Kelsi Reich may be garnering the most attention of any Cowboys cheerleader for her provocative poses and relationship with Buffalo Bills receiver David Nelson, but this former Dallas pom-pom carrier is starting to steal the spotlight.

    As the WAG of Washington Nationals outfielder Laynce Nix, Brooke Sorenson will surely shadow the sports world for a long time.

13. Emily Maynard

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    While many fans may recognize her from The Bachelor, Emily Maynard is making a quick entrance into the sports world.

    As the new WAG of fiery tight end Jeremy Shockey, Maynard is seemingly set to excite the league with her beauty.

12. Liv Boeree

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    While this sexy poker player and model from England did win the 2010 European Poker Tour, Liv Boeree clearly excites away from the table as well. 

    Her features for Loaded Magazine (November 2008) and Maxim were only the start of a brilliant modeling career

11. Milene Domingues

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    This Brazilian former footballer and model may be known as the first ex-wife of footballing legend Ronaldo, but it's her beauty and talent that deserves the most attention.

    Milene Domingues holds the record for ball juggling, having kept the ball off the ground for 55,198 touches.

    A true keeper. 

10. Blair O'Neal

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    Not only does she impress the crowd with her beautiful swing and colorful attire, but Blair O'Neal clearly engages fans with her sexy aura, leading to her being named "One of the Hottest 50 Athletes of All-Time" by Sports Illustrated in 2008.

    Her vivacious nature is the perfect complement to a calm crowd.

9. Niki Gudex

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    With her breathtaking poses and stellar physique, Niki Gudex likely doesn't need to worry about where she finishes her races.

    This Australian mountain biker seemingly uses her experience from modeling in FHM to grab the attention at every trek battle.

8. Shana Hiatt

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    She may be known for hosting the first three seasons of World Poker Tour on The Travel Channel, but Shana Hiatt is seemingly more breathtaking with her posing than her presenting.

    The 1995 Miss Hawaiian Tropic USA and cover model for the April 1995 issue of Playboy, Hiatt's exposure continues to increase.

7. Kimberly Lansing

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    Poker may involve relentless stares and bold personalities, but players clearly face adversity with this World Poker Tour Hostess in the room.

    It must be hard to concentrate on their masterful hands with this beauty staring them down.

6. Sara Carbonero

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    Not only does this Spanish sports journalist excite the camera with her breathtaking reporting, but Sara Carbonero continues to shadow the soccer world as the girlfriend of goalkeeper Iker Casillas.

    Her mesmerizing eyes, subtle sexiness and exotic aura have led to Carbonero being voted "The Sexiest Reporter in the World" by FHM.

5. Jordan Fish

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    Some know her as the WAG of racer Denny Hamlin, others as the seductive Lady Cat who cheers at Charlotte Bobcats games.

    Jordan Fish may lack the deserved media attention so far, but it's only a matter of time before she finds herself eclipsing her beau's respect with fans.

4. Lauren Thompson

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    The sport of golf is finally beginning to understand supply and demand.

    Known for her work with the Golf Channel, Lauren Thompson is quickly opening fans' eyes to her beautiful presentation skills.

3. Jennifer Barretta

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    Jennifer Barretta continues to show fans why there is nothing sexier than a woman who can dominate the pockets.

    Her vivacious poses and relaxed demeanor continue to excite billiards fans worldwide.

2. Carrie Milbank

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    While it's not surprising she was a former Houston Texans cheerleader, Carrie Milbank is recently being applauded for her hosting of The Hockey Show on the NHL network.

    There's few endeavors that this beauty couldn't conquer.

1. Larisa Fraser

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    Milwaukee Brewers superstar Ryan Braun may have just secured his first MVP award, but it's his new girlfriend who undoubtedly has him and his fans the most excited.

    Larisa Fraser looks like a star in the making as she seems ready to aggressively climb the WAG charts.