New England Patriots Defense Ready for the Arizona Cardinals?

Anthony PadillaContributor IDecember 20, 2008

The Patriots defense has been through many struggles this season with the loss of Asante Samuel, but they have held up pretty well so far.  But are they prepared for the dominating offense of the Arizona Cardinals

Last season, the Cardinals were considered a below average team.  Some way or another, the Cardinals were able to pull of a "Top 15" worthy season.  The Patriots haven't prevailed against a team in what I call, "the Top 15". 

I think the Patriots have a 49% chance of pulling this off.  But I counted out the offense.  With a near-Pro Bowl QB, an excellent WR, and the Patriots offensive line, I would actually say more of a 55% chance of winning. 

But all you high stakes betters, you probably bet on the Pats.  I wouldn't hold my breath either, fellow Pats fans, even though I probably will when I watch the game.