Parodies: The EPL Season 2008/2009 In Song (Compiled) - Part One (2008)

David JacobsCorrespondent IDecember 20, 2008

Below is a list of all my parodies in case you wanted to read/sing more of my parodies which get pushed down the 'most recent list' as time goes on. I have written 20 parodies all about football. Some good, some crap.

But all the hyperlinks are below (apart from one which I have deleted). Make a Christmas/Chanukah karaoke party out of it. Find the tune indicated on each article, play it and sing (while intoxicated) to your heart's content.

I'd alsolike to give a few "thank yous" out on here. First of all to Michelle Alves for the genuinely lovely compliment she left me after only writing my first ever parody. She said I was "like the Weird Al of B/R."

Secondly to Dev Ashish for continuously reading (maybe singing) and supporting my creative endeavours in these parodies. Means a lot.

Thirdly to Nymkhishig for entertaining me with your somewhat "lively" response to one of my parodies about Spurs' relegation possibility a while back. It will remain as a memory because you were probably the only person to slate one of my parodies, but no hard feelings, eh?

Happy holidays. Happy New Year and I hope for three things:

1) You do make that karaoke party I mentioned just now.
2) You enjoy singing them as much as I have enjoyed writing them.
3) I can write more next year.

I actually have a parody lined up for the F.A. Cup Final. Thank you for reading/singing. Here they are (from EARLIEST to LATEST):

Relegation: Song One

Relegation: Song Two

Relegation: Song Three

Fergie, Let Me Go: Part One

Fergie, Let Me Go: Part Two

Slipping In The Rain

We Are The Champions

We Believe In Ramos

Money Money Money

Bulgarian Rhapsody

Take A Chance On Me

Let’s Play In First Division

Cheer Up, Stevie G.

Aston Villa

A Few Of My Favourite Words

Don’t Wanna Be A Football Official

We May Be Down, But We’ll Get Up Again

We Call Him Fab Capello

I Predict A Riot

Makin’ A Dive

We Will Survive

Don’t Change The Name

Have A Little Patience

He’ll Always Be Our Irish Roy

Hey Big Spender

A Dedicated, Chelsea-Loving Russian

Zola, Zo-zo-zo-zo-zo-o-la