Panthers-Giants: A Regular Season Game Does Not Get Any Bigger Than This

NC NighthawkAnalyst IDecember 20, 2008

A regular season game does not get any bigger than this.  We have the Carolina Panthers against the New York Giants on Sunday night in the Meadowlands.  Win and you are the No. 1 seed in the NFC playoffs, thus having all home games until the Super Bowl. 

The Giants have already clinched a playoff spot, the Panthers have not. If the Panthers lose out and Dallas, Tampa, and Atlanta win out, Carolina would miss the playoffs because of tie-breakers.

Both team’s strengths are the running game and defense.  The Panthers have the edge with their running attack while the Giants have a superior defense. 

The Panthers need to stop the Giants by putting pressure on Manning when they have to throw and limit the ground attack. 

Regardless of who is starting on the defensive line, Jon Beason is going to have to play his best game of the season, and dropping eight in the box in obvious run situations should happen.

The Giants have dropped two in a row since suspending WR Plaxico Burress. They were also missing RB Brandon Jacobs, but he is expected to play Sunday night. The Panthers are expected to be without DT Maake Kemoeatu and RG Keydrick Vincent; Kemoeatu is Carolina’s 345-pound run stuffer, and Vincent is a dependable starter on the offensive line.

Carolina and New York are the two best running teams in the NFL at 4.8 yards per carry. The Panthers have scored 25 of their 39 offensive majors on the ground compared to 16 of 37 for the Giants, which points at Carolina’s better power running.

Are you ready for some prime time, Sunday night NFL football?  Get ready for some football weather. There will be near-freezing temperatures, a 70 percent chance of precipitation and a 15-mph breeze from the west.

See here and here for the latest weather updates. 

The Silver Fox Forecast: Panthers 23, Giants 20

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