Kelly Hall Pics: Matthew Stafford's Hot Girlfriend

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIINovember 22, 2011

Kelly Hall Pics: Matthew Stafford's Hot Girlfriend

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    He may be dominating the league with his precise throws and reliable 6'5" sidekick, but Detroit lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is likely to lose the spotlight to his new girlfriend soon enough.

    SEC fanatics may be familiar with Kelly Hall and her memorable cheerleading during her days at Georgia, but they are surely willing to share her breathtaking pics. 

    She seemingly complements the potent Lions signal caller away from the football field.

    Here are the hottest pics of Kelly Hall.


10. Injury Prone

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    Matthew Stafford may have dealt with numerous claims that he was injury prone, but Kelly Hall seemingly had it worse as his caretaker.

    After taking care of her budding-star beau, Hall apparently needed to rest her leg.

9. In Hindsight

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    While Matthew Stafford is known for his stellar college career in which he passed for 7,731 and 51 touchdowns, his girlfriend had a prosperous tenure as well.

    The smile speaks for itself.

8. A Peaceful Welcome

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    While she helps Matthew Stafford cash in on the six-year, $41.7 million that the Lions are paying for his services, Kelly Hall can continue her stellar climb towards the upper echelon of the WAG world.

    He must be proud.

7. Beach Bumming It

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    She may attend games in the cold city of Detroit, but Kelly Hall clearly loves the warm and sunny weather.

    She'd love Miami and the Dolphins could certainly use Matthew Stafford's services.

6. A Classy Couple

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    After her boyfriend was drafted with the first-overall pick of the 2009 NFL Draft by the Lions, Kelly Hall undeniably felt confident in preparing for the media.

    A bright smile and soft gaze will surely please the audience.

5. A Promising Future

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    Whether she's the girl on the left or right is clearly unimportant.

    Kelly Hall seems more than ready to support her team and their franchise man.

    Her smile exudes confidence.

4. Outside Forces

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    With her boyfriend now staying healthy and throwing for 2,843 yards and 25 touchdowns so far this season, Kelly Hall can finally relax.

    His previous injury problems didn't please the Detroit fanbase as doubts began to spread.

3. Where the Wild Things Are

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    Apparently Kelly Hall combines beauty and relentless team loyalty to form a wild side.

    Matthew Stafford might need sunglasses.

2. Wagging Along

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    And she's an animal lover.

    Kelly Hall shows fans why she is the perfect catch.

    A dog is essential for any growing couple.

1. A High Ceiling

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    She may not have the illustrious nature of today's socialites, but Kelly Hall seems subtly-ready to attack the world of WAGs with full force.

    While her boyfriend continues his prosperous run, Hall keeps approaching immortality.