Baby Bulls: Joakim Noah Has Much to Learn in Chicago

Eric DormanAnalyst IFebruary 14, 2008

When the Chicago Bulls selected Joakim Noah in the 2007 NBA Draft, Florida coach Billy Donovan told the Gainesville Sun that Noah needed to learn a lot more in the NBA.

I am a big Florida Gator fan, and just like every other Gator fan, we didn't want Joakim to leave.  Now the real question remains—was skipping senior year a good choice for Noah?

Maybe not.

Since Joakim has been in the NBA he has had to learn a lot from his new teammates. In addition, he has also needed to learn a lot about how the Bulls ran their offense and defense.

Nevertheless, he is still a contributing player when it comes to defense—blocking shots, setting up screens, and guarding opponents. 

Joakim Noah will not be as great as Kevin Durant or Shaquille O'Neal.  He is just not that type of player. 

In the future, I see Joakim Noah being a good player.