1 Player from Each NFL Team Who Deserves to Be Cut After Week 11 Performance

Eitan Katz@@EitanKatzAnalyst IINovember 24, 2011

1 Player from Each NFL Team Who Deserves to Be Cut After Week 11 Performance

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    Week after week in the NFL season, players let fans down. Whether it's a quarterback who chokes in the fourth quarter or a cornerback who gets burned play after play, fans almost always finish games wishing a certain player was cut.

    Week 11 was no exception.

    While some of these reactions are not rational, it is just the way things are. Fans get angry, and they want justice.

    If the quarterback sucks, cut him. If the coach sucks, fire him.

    As fans, we constantly allow our knee-jerk reactions to cloud our judgment. One week we may hate a player, and all of the sudden, just a week later, that player is the best in the NFL.

    Let's take a look at one player (or group of players) from each team who fans probably wanted cut after a putrid performance in Week 11.

    (Note: The New Orleans Saints, Pittsburgh Steelers, Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts all had bye weeks. Therefore, we will use their Week 10 performances.)

Arizona Cardinals: John Skelton, Quarterback

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    Well, this one was pretty easy.

    My grandmother could have probably played better than John Skelton for the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. The young quarterback seemed to throw an incompletion on every pass, or worse, an interception.

    Skelton was eventually mercifully replaced by Richard Bartel, who came in and tossed a touchdown to Larry Fitzgerald.

    Sometimes everything goes your way. For Skelton, a ferocious San Francisco 49ers defense made sure that didn't happen.

    Week 11 Stats

    6-19, 99 passing yards, 0 touchdowns, 3 interceptions, 10.5 QB Rating

Atlanta Falcons: Christopher Owens, Cornerback, and Thomas DeCoud, Safety

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    Thomas DeCoud is a very good player who made a bad play.

    Christopher Owens?

    He's a bad player who made a bad play.

    It was hard to find anyone who did anything wrong for the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. They rolled to a pretty easy victory over the Tennessee Titans, and they were solid in all three phases of the game.

    However there was one play that stood out like a sore thumb. Matt Hasselbeck, the Titans' starting quarterback, had been knocked out of the game with an injury. His replacement, Jake Locker, threw his first career touchdown pass on just his third throw of the game.

    While the throw was perfect and wide receiver Nate Washington made the easy catch, the play should have only gone for about 20 yards.

    Instead, with Owens clumsily over-running the play and Washington putting DeCoud into the ground with a nasty stiff arm, it went for a 40-yard touchdown.

    Owens is a former third-round pick for Atlanta who hasn't really worked out. DeCoud, on the other hand, has been pretty reliable. Regardless, both should be ashamed of that play.

    Week 11 Stats

    Owens—7 tackles

    DeCoud—2 tackles 

Baltimore Ravens: Lee Evans, Wide Receiver

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    I could have easily put Ricky Williams in here as he had yet another pitiful performance, but I chose instead to pick the guy who does nothing.

    Yes, Lee Evans is one of the most useless players in the league. 

    Sitting out Week 11 with an injury was just business as usual for Evans as a member of the Baltimore Ravens. No. 83 has just two catches on the season, and even when he does finally return, a guy named Torrey Smith has totally taken over his position.

    Thought to be a great idea for the Ravens this offseason, Evans' speed was supposed to open up the field for a pretty stagnant Ravens offense that lost Todd Heap and Derrick Mason. Instead, Evans has been riding pine while Smith has been electric on the field.

    Evans could redeem himself late in the year with some big plays, but I wouldn't mortgage the house on it.

    Week 11 Stats

    N/A (Injury)

Buffalo Bills: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Quarterback

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    Ryan Fitzpatrick has been horrible lately, and Week 11 was no different.

    The Harvard graduate continued his downward spiral against a pretty solid Miami Dolphins secondary. After signing him to a six-year contract extension for nearly $60 million just a month ago, the Buffalo Bills brass must be feeling a little nauseous.

    Fitzpatrick hasn't had a QB Rating over 52 in his last three games, and the Bills have struggled to even get to double digits in those games.

    Granted, they were tough games against the New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys and Dolphins. Still, Fitzpatrick has to get his act together soon.

    The Bills' playoff chances are practically gone, but the fans will be calling for heads if this team doesn't finish with at least a .500 record.

    Week 11 Stats

    20-39, 209 passing yards, 0 touchdowns, 2 interceptions, 45.8 QB Rating

Carolina Panthers: Charles Johnson, Defensive End

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    Obviously ,Charles Johnson isn't going to get cut. The fast defensive end with the huge contract just didn't do enough on Sunday to give the Carolina Panthers a chance.

    Facing the Detroit Lions, Johnson was barely on the stat sheet. Matthew Stafford went back to pass 36 times, running back Kevin Smith feasted on the Panthers defense for 140 yards, and all Johnson could muster was two tackles.

    If I could, I would just tell Carolina to cut its entire secondary, because those players were really the ones who blew it. However, Johnson is an easy scapegoat.

    He's by far the best defensive player, and a couple of sacks or tackles in the backfield could have changed the entire complexion of the game.

    There is no doubt Panthers fans will be happier next week when he gets a chance against the winless Indianapolis Colts and their atrocious quarterback, Curtis Painter.

    Week 11 Stats

    2 tackles, 1 pass defended

Chicago Bears: Brandon Meriweather, Safety

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    Enough is enough already.

    Brandon Meriweather has no place in the NFL. He's better at making illegal hits than he is at making good plays. He's probably had more helmet-to-helmet hits than any player in the league since the beginning of his career, and he hasn't helped the Chicago Bears one bit this season.

    Meriweather is used more as a backup for the Bears, but as a free safety, he is still partially responsible for the nearly 300 yards Philip Rivers hung on them this past Sunday.

    Currently dealing with a concussion, Bears fans will probably be happy to know that No. 31 is off the field in Week 12.

    Week 11 Stats

    3 tackles

Cincinnati Bengals: Andy Dalton, Quarterback

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    Whether you want to call him the Red Rocket, Shawshank or just plain Andy Dalton, the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback blew a very winnable game against the always-tough Baltimore Ravens this past Sunday.

    Dalton did throw for 373 yards and a score, but it was his turnovers that killed the Bengals. He had an interception to close the first half with the Bengals on the verge of getting into field goal range. He had two interceptions that were converted into Ravens touchdowns just one play later. And his 21 incompletions destroyed a few drives and led to seven punts.

    Beating the Ravens isn't easy, but trying to beat the Ravens while turning the ball over is nearly impossible.

    Dalton should get back on track this week against a weaker Cleveland Browns defense, but if the Bengals want to have a shot in the playoffs, Dalton has to make these turnovers disappear.

    Week 11 Stats

    24-45, 373 passing yards, 1 touchdown, 3 interceptions, 60.7 QB Rating

Cleveland Browns: Ryan Pontbriand, Long Snapper

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    It is not often that you've heard of a long snapper, but the Cleveland Browns' Ryan Pontbriand has now made headlines two weeks in a row.

    In Week 10, Pontbriand botched the snap on what would have been the game-winning 22-yard field goal for the Browns over the St. Louis Rams. Instead, the kick sailed wide left, and the Browns went home empty-handed.

    Week 11 was a similar play, except the game had a happy ending. With Cleveland up four in the fourth quarter, Pontbriand skidded a snap back to holder Brad Maynard, and kicker Phil Dawson was unable to hit the 38-yard field goal to give the Browns a safe seven-point lead.

    Cleveland pulled it out, though, winning after Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert threw an incomplete pass from the 1-yard line with only three seconds left to preserve the 14-10 victory for the Browns.

    Still, Browns fans are probably ready for a new long snapper.

    Week 11 Stats


Dallas Cowboys: Alan Ball, Cornerback

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    Alan Ball has been a decent contributor for the Dallas Cowboys after being drafted in the seventh round of the NFL draft back in 2007. However, last Sunday's game against the Washington Redskins was not one of his finest performances to say the least.

    Ball was not only beat on the game-tying touchdown pass at the end of the fourth quarter to Donte' Stallworth (picture above), but he was often matched up against Jabar Gaffney, who caught fire against the 'Boys and finished with seven catches for 115 yards.

    With Mike Jenkins out, Ball is being given a chance to prove his worth. Against Washington, the only thing he proved is that he is in no position to be a starting cornerback.

    Week 11 Stats

    1 tackle, 1 pass defended

Denver Broncos: Willis McGahee, Running Back

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    To be fair, Willis McGahee had three things working against him.

    Firstly, the Denver Broncos were matched up against one of the league's top defensive units, the New York Jets. Secondly, with Tim Tebow at quarterback, the Jets were able to stack the box, knowing Denver was going to be mostly running the ball. Lastly, McGahee came into the game with a hamstring injury.

    Still, McGahee had one of the worst games of his career.

    He has been a revelation for the Broncos this season, rushing for more than 100 yards four times. He came in to Denver as a washed-up veteran people probably didn't even remember was once a top NFL back. This year, McGahee has reminded people.

    Thursday night against the Jets was just one of those nights where nothing went right. McGahee will put it behind him with this week's divisional battle against the San Diego Chargers looming.

    Week 11 Stats

    12 rushes, 18 yards, 1 fumble lost

Detroit Lions: Keiland Williams, Running Back

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    What is Keiland Williams even doing on an NFL roster?

    The Detroit Lions running back has been terrible this season, and even with all of the injuries at the position, Williams has failed to get carries. In Week 11, Kevin Smith came in and stole the show, rushing for 140 yards on only 16 carries.


    He was busy rotting away on the bench. His 2.9 yards per carry this season are awful, and the fumbles aren't helping either.

    With Jahvid Best out, Kevin Smith bringing the goods, and Maurice Morris a proven and reliable backup, I see no reason why Williams remains on the team.

    Week 11 Stats

    1 rush, 0 yards, 1 fumble lost

Green Bay Packers: Everyone Who Tried to Take Down LeGarrette Blount and Failed

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    This is just pathetic. Isn't this supposed to be the NFL? Where players actually know how to tackle?

    Well, there was none of that going on when Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back LeGarrette Blount rumbled for a ridiculous 54-yard touchdown. The touchdown was insane on many levels, but mostly because Blount bulldozed about seven different Green Bay Packers defenders.

    Watch the run here, and tell me how any of those defenders can look at themselves in the mirror.

    That's what we call "getting trampled."

    Week 11 Stats


Houston Texans: Neil Rackers, Kicker

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    With Matt Schaub out for the season, the Houston Texans better be able to count on kicker Neil Rackers from here on out, because they are going to need his powerful leg.

    If they get Week 10 Rackers, they are going to be in trouble.

    When a team wins 37-6, as Houston did in Week 10, it is usually hard to find any faults. However, looking at Rackers' stat line, it was pretty obvious who the weak link was.

    Rackers uncharacteristically blew a 37-yard field goal (although the game was already out of reach), and he also somehow managed to screw up an extra point.

    Not his best day.

    Week 10 Stats

    4-5 extra points, 1-2 field goals

Indianapolis Colts: Curtis Painter, Quarterback

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    Like the John Skelton slide, this one was pretty painfully obvious.

    Curtis Painter is a horrible quarterback, and Week 10 was no different. He actually was replaced by Dan Orlovsky in this one. Yes, the same Dan Orlovsky who did this.

    When you are getting replaced by a guy who runs out of the back of his own end zone, you probably aren't in the greatest shape.

    No fear, Colts fans, the "Suck For Luck" campaign has been extremely successful, and a real quarterback should be coming in the mail sometime in the next six months.

    Painter will hopefully retire, so none of us ever have to watch him throw a football again.

    Week 10 Stats

    13-19, 94 passing yards, 0 touchdowns, 2 interceptions, 40.1 QB Rating

Jacksonville Jaguars: Blaine Gabbert, Quarterback

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    This may be unfair to rookie Blaine Gabbert because he is on one of the NFL's worst teams, and his offense lacks any talent at the receiver position.

    Nevertheless, Gabbert's disgusting 48.9 completion percentage has him in this spot. Playing against the Cleveland Browns didn't help him either. Gabbert was inconsistent all game, sometimes looking decent, other times looking like a high schooler.

    What do I mean by high schooler?

    Take a look at this breakdown from Jaguarsblog.com of one of the most hilarious throws I have ever seen live. In this case, it was a play where Gabbert actually threw the ball backwards, out-of-bounds, on purpose:

    Gabbert takes the snap from the shotgun. Jabaal Sheard simply destroys Guy Whimper around the right side, forcing Gabbert to escape to the left. Instead of keeping his head upfield, he puts his head down and runs. Sheard catches Gabbert and start to drag him down, and Gabbert heaves the ball toward the sideline…backwards. The Jaguars lost about 12 yards instead of the eight he would’ve lost if he’d taken the sack on the play, meaning it was actually a worse play than a sack.

    He's got a long way to go.

    Week 11 Stats

    22-41, 210 yards, 0 touchdowns, 0 interceptions, 68.1 QB Rating

Kansas City Chiefs: Jackie Battle, Running Back

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    You may have thought that Tyler Palko would occupy this spot. Well, guess again.

    I was at the New England Patriots versus Kansas City Chiefs game, and let me tell you, I was actually quite impressed with Palko. He had one bad interception, but other than that, he played a pretty solid ball game.

    Jackie Battle, on the other hand, was invisible.

    Coming into the game, Battle was supposed to be the starting running back who would take the pressure off Palko and open up the passing game a little bit for the rookie quarterback.

    Instead, Battle had one of his worst games as a pro and looked overmatched every time he touched the ball. In the end, Thomas Jones and Dexter McCluster took all of his carries, because he was basically a dead weight all game.

    The final numbers don't do his game justice, as he had a 19-yard run as time expired in the fourth quarter.

    Week 11 Stats

    8 rushes, 33 yards

Miami Dolphins: Brandon Marshall, Wide Receiver

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    One catch?

    Brandon Marshall came into the Miami Dolphins' game against the Buffalo Bills with 15 catches and more than 200 yards in his last two games.

    Against the Bills, he had one catch for five yards. Compare that to Wes Welker, the New England Patriots wide receiver who hauled in 16 catches for 217 yards and two touchdowns in a game against the Bills this season, and you'll understand the kind of secondary we are talking about here.

    It wasn't as if the blowout (Miami crushed Buffalo by 27 points) affected Marshall's numbers either. He dropped a touchdown catch and at least one other catch throughout the game. On an offense that relies so heavily on his playmaking, it's a wonder Miami reached 35 points.

    Marshall better get back to work this week, or Miami is going to have a near impossible time of getting past the suddenly surging Dallas Cowboys.

    Week 11 Stats

    1 catch, 5 yards

Minnesota Vikings: The Entire Offensive Line

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    This past Sunday it felt like Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder was running for his life on nearly every play.

    The rookie was sacked five times and hurried at least a dozen more. The Vikings offensive line has been pretty horrible all season, and aside from Steve Hutchinson, nearly every starter should be benched. The fact that Adrian Peterson averages 4.7 yards per carry is nothing short of a miracle behind this offensive line.

    I must give credit to the Oakland Raiders defensive line, which was in the back field all day. But honestly, I think my local pee wee team could have gotten a sack or two against this pathetic band of losers.

    Week 11 Stats


New England Patriots: Chad Ochocinco, Wide Receiver

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    Chad Ochocinco and the New England Patriots are a match made in hell.

    Ocho has all the route-running abilities he could possibly need, except he has been unable to learn the playbook despite being an 11-year NFL veteran. The fact that he and quarterback Tom Brady aren't on the same page is simply ridiculous.

    Ocho has been on his best behavior in New England, but that absolutely has not translated into production on the field.

    No. 85 came up empty yet again in Week 11, finishing the game with zero catches for the fourth time this season.

    I expected Brady-Ochocinco to be one of the top connections in the NFL this year, but boy was I wrong. When Ochocinco does eventually get cut, or just leaves, he will be considered one of the biggest busts of the 2011 season.

    Week 11 Stats

    0 catches

New Orleans Saints: Mark Ingram, Running Back

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    When the New Orleans Saints drafted Mark Ingram with the 28th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, they were applauded for "stealing" one of the best workhorses that college football had to offer.

    Instead, they've got themselves one of the most inconsistent, unreliable running backs in the NFL.

    Like most rookies, Ingram prefers the comfort of home field, as he sports a tidy 4.9 yards per carry average in New Orleans. Unfortunately, the average drops to 2.9 outside of the Louisiana Superdome.

    In Week 10 New Orleans was on the road, so Ingram brought his F-game.

    He only rushed for 11 yards against a defense that is known for their pass rush more than their run stopping ability. The game will be forgotten, as it is with all rookies, but New Orleans has to wonder whether Ingram will ever be their go-to guy.

    Week 10 Stats

    8 rushes, 11 yards

New York Giants: Brandon Jacobs, Running Back

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    This one was a gimme. 

    Brandon Jacobs has been less than stellar filling in for the injured Ahmad Bradshaw, and Sunday night against the Philadelphia Eagles was Jacobs' worst job yet.

    The New York Giants stayed in the game all night long, but with no running game to rely on, quarterback Eli Manning was forced into some bad decisions which turned the game in Philly's favor. Jacobs couldn't get anything going against a linebacking corps that is considered worst in the NFL.

    Even with their upcoming game against the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football, Bradshaw isn't expected to be back. That means Jacobs must pick up the slack, or the G-Men are going to most likely be looking up in the playoff standings to the Dallas Cowboys.

    Week 11 Stats

    12 rushes, 21 yards

New York Jets: Mark Sanchez, Quarterback

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    Mark Sanchez sucks.

    If it wasn't for the fact he went to the University of Southern California and got drafted fifth overall in 2009, he would be a backup just like he should be. Instead, he's trying to lead a team with Super Bowl talent, and he is failing miserably.

    This was supposed to be the year the the New York Jets broke through and made it to the Super Bowl.

    Sanchez had different plans. 

    The young quarterback would be playing his way onto the bench, except the Jets' only backup is 90-year-old Mark Brunell. So the Jets are stuck with Sanchez, and all of the interceptions that come with him. The interceptions in the red zone. The pick-six's. It's never ending with Sanchez, and Jets fans just have to accept that and move on.

    It's time for a new quarterback in the Big Apple.

    Week 11 Stats

    24-40, 252 passing yards, 0 touchdowns, 1 interception, 67.9 QB Rating

Oakland Raiders: Rock Cartwright, Running Back

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    I guess I just don't understand why Rock Cartwright is even on the roster.

    The Oakland Raiders already have not one, but two stud running backs, in Darren McFadden and Michael Bush. Aside from those two, they have hulking backup Marcel Reece, and speedy rookie backup Taiwan Jones.

    Where does Cartwright fit in?

    If someone in Raider Nation can explain, I would love to hear it. Isn't he just rotting on the bench for no reason? Why don't the Raiders use his roster spot to fill a more pressing need?

    Week 11 Stats


Philadelphia Eagles: Michael Vick, Quarterback

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    This is not a joke. This is not for "shock value." 

    I actually believe the Philadelphia Eagles would be better off paying Michael Vick however much they would need to pay him if he were released and just let him go (or trade him).

    Behind this atrocious offensive line, he is never going to get anything done.

    Why pay a guy $100 million if he isn't going to be on the field? Why not just stick with Vince Young, who is capable of being more of a pocket-passer and can take the beatings, instead of starting a guy who gets his ribs smashed in every other week?

    If you do keep Vick, at least commit to spending a certain large amount of money on offensive line help this offseason. As of right now, watching Vick behind that line is just depressing.

    One of the NFL's most electric players is being kept in check by his own team.

    Week 11 Stats


Pittsburgh Steelers: Hines Ward, Wide Receiver

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    Hines Ward, your time is up.

    One of the most reliable, durable and physical wide receivers of the decade, Ward has had himself an incredible career. However, now is the time to just say goodbye.

    I know he can still be somewhat useful, as witnessed by his seven-catch, 54-yard, two-touchdown performance against the Tennessee Titans earlier this season. However, the Pittsburgh Steelers offense has evolved.

    Ben Roethlisberger is no longer a dink-and-dunk thrower. He likes to utilize the speed he has at the receiver position, and he loves throwing the ball downfield.

    Hines Ward is neither of those things (fast, or a downfield threat). With Mike Wallace, Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown, Big Ben has a trio of young, talented big-play threats. Combine them with the reliability of Jerricho Cotchery and Heath Miller, and Roethlisberger should be all set.

    Time to hang up the gloves, Hines. You've had a great career, don't let it drag on too long a la Jerry Rice (yes, that is a compliment).

    Week 10 Stats

    1 catch, 10 yards

San Diego Chargers: Antoine Cason, Cornerback

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    It only took two passes, but Johnny Knox of the Chicago Bears just dominated Antoine Cason of the San Diego Chargers.

    The first was a jump ball at around the 2-yard line. Cason was tight in coverage, but Knox easily maneuvered his way in front of the ball and snatched it out of the air. Quarterback Jay Cutler ran it in just two plays later.

    The second pass was beautifully thrown by Cutler, but once again, Cason was beat by Knox (see picture, Cason is No. 20). 

    Those two plays really were the difference in the game, and it was Cason who deserves the blame. While Cutler made nice throws, and Knox made a couple magnificent catches, if Cason would have made a play on either throw, the Chargers may have come home with a victory.

    He did have an interception, but at that point in the fourth quarter, it was already too little too late.

    Week 11 Stats

    4 tackles, 3 passes defended, 1 interception

San Francisco 49ers: David Akers, Kicker

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    When a team dominates like the San Francisco 49ers did this past Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals, it's usually pretty hard to find fault with any player on the team.

    Luckily for me, kicker David Akers had one of the worst games of his professional career.

    Akers missed field goals on San Fran's first two drives and missed another one in the second quarter. Because the 49ers defense is so good, it bailed him out and kept the Cards off the scoreboard until the fourth quarter.

    Still, you have to wonder how a guy as accurate as Akers misses three field goals in one half. Hey, at least he made his extra points.

    Week 11 Stats

    2-2 extra points, 3-6 field goals

Seattle Seahawks: Tarvaris Jackson, Quarterback

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    Tarvaris Jackson needs to go to quarterback camp. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback just can't figure out the NFL.

    He's thrown just one touchdown pass in his last four games, against six interceptions, and hasn't had a QB rating in the 100s all season. Seattle doesn't have the greatest offense, but it certainly has enough weapons that Jackson should be better.

    You know things aren't going your way when a wide receiver on your team is throwing better than you.

    That's what happened this past Sunday when Sidney Rice tossed a pass for a 55-yard completion, as long as any completion Jackson has had this year.

    Seattle should have "Sucked For Luck," but it missed that bus. Now all the Seahawks can do is hope and pray a quarterback falls into their lap. If they are stuck with Tarvaris Jackson, they are screwed.

    Week 11 Stats

    14-24, 148 passing yards, one touchdown, two interceptions, 55.6 QB Rating

St. Louis Rams: Sam Bradford, Quarterback

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    Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Connor Barth, Kicker, and Kellen Winslow, Tight End

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      Both Connor Barth and Kellen Winslow had statistically good games. It's just that, if you watched, they both cost the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a chance at upsetting the undefeated Green Bay Packers.

      For Barth, it was the two attempted onside kicks that both failed. The first one had a great chance, and was actually recovered by the Bucs but was called back because Barth touched it about a half-second too early. The second attempt was also pretty effective, but John Kuhn was able to snare the ball and hang onto it.

      For Winslow, it was a lot more of a direct reason. A touchdown thrown to him was called back because he pushed off of the defender to catch the pass. At 6'4" and 240 pounds, Winslow should not have to be pushing off people to catch the ball in the end zone. That's his fault. The second problem was he dropped a key two-point conversion attempt when the Bucs were down two in the fourth quarter.

      Winslow's defender slipped, and it was Kellen "I'm a Soldier" Winslow all alone in the end zone and the ball just bounced off his chest and onto the ground.

      Not an easy way to lose, especially when you had a chance to knock off the defending champs, and the unanimous best team in the NFL right now.

      Week 11 Stats

      Barth—2-2 extra points, 2-2 field goals

      Winslow—9 catches, 132 yards

    Tennessee Titans: Chris Johnson, Running Back

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      I saw a very clever nickname for Chris Johnson that I am going to start using: CJ2YPC (as in Chris Johnson 2 Yards Per Carry). It's really a brilliant play on Johnson's old nickname, CJ2K, because he reached 2,000 yards rushing.

      I easily could have given this dishonor to Matt Hasselbeck, who played a bad game and was replaced by a more effective rookie, but it would be a sin against humanity if I don't mention how horrible Johnson was.

      It makes me sick to watch Johnson this year. He gets his money, and poof, all his talent and determination is gone. 

      Johnson continued his walk of shame this season in Week 11 by putting up some of his worst numbers to date. Figures—by Week 17 Johnson will probably end up with 20 rushes for negative 200 yards.

      Week 11 Stats

      12 rushes, 13 yards

    Washington Redskins: Ryan Torain, Running Back

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      Ryan Torain is the Washington Redskins starting running back. If that is the case, he should be cut this instant.

      Let's recap players on the Skins' who had more rushing yards than him this past Sunday: Roy Helu, Rex Grossman, Tashard Choice and Anthony Armstrong. So, to clear things up, that is a rookie running back, a washed-up quarterback (can you be washed up if you were never good in the first place?), a running back who was placed on waivers right after the game and an unknown wide receiver.

      Congratulations Ryan Torain, you may just be the worst starting running back in NFL history.

      Seriously, though, what the hell is wrong with Torain?

      He had a monstrous 135-yard effort in Week 4 and has since combined for only 57 yards rushing on 36 carries! Is that even possible?

      They should cut Torain and just hand the reins over to Helu already. He's infinitely more explosive, and he's terrific out of the backfield. Torain is practically useless at this point.

      Week 11 Stats

      5 rushes, 4 yards