Week 16 Picks

Benjy MillerContributor IDecember 20, 2008

Thursday Night Game: Indianapolis (11-4) at Jacksonville (5-10)

Yes, I know this game has already been played, but was it a surprise to anyone that Indianapolis won? 

My pick: Indianapolis

Saturday Night Game: Baltimore (9-5) at Dallas (9-5)

Must win game. No other way to describe it. They are both in the second wild card spot. They need to win this game. Baltimore is coming off of a tough loss to Pittsburgh. Dallas is coming off of a win against New York (Giants).

My pick: Baltimore

Sunday games:

Cincinnati (2-11-1) at Cleveland (4-10)

Ah, you have to love watching failing teams play against each other. Now, I don't know how either of these teams is going to play, but I'd start focusing on draft picks right now. 

My pick: Cleveland

New Orleans (7-7) at Detroit (0-14)

Oh, I do not think the Lions want to go 0-16. The Saints are out of playoff contention, I think the Lions are gonna show the world that they are NOT the worst franchise in NFL history. All they want for Christmas, is a win.

My pick: (I'm getting risky) Detroit

Miami (9-5) at Kansas City (2-12)

Who would've thought Miami would be in a three way tie for first place at this point of the season? This is most certainly a must win for Miami, and I think KC will give the win to them.

My pick: Miami

Arizona (8-6) at New England (9-5)

Well, Arizona has a spot in the playoffs. That's not going to stop them from wanting a win. They have been playing not so good since clinching the division. New England NEEDS this win. 

My pick: Arizona

San Francisco (5-9) at St. Louis (2-12)

A game of playoff failures. It's quite sad, both coming in with... Wait, this probably isn't a shock to anyone. St. Louis really needs a good spot in the draft, a loss would benefit at this point.

My pick: San Francisco

Pittsburgh (11-3) at Tennessee (12-2)

Wow, who would've thought that one of the most exciting games would be played in week 16?? This game will decide who the best of the AFC is. And with the way both teams are playing, this is a hard one to choose.

My pick: Pittsburgh

San Diego (6-8) at Tampa Bay (9-5)

Being an Eagles fan, I really really need San Diego to win this one. But, my dad being a Broncos fan, I'm in a tough situation. Will this be the week Denver finally clinches? 

My pick: San Diego

Buffalo (6-8) at Denver (8-6)

Just clinch the division already, Denver!! If you're trying to make fans nervous, you're doing a great job! Buffalo is a team you can beat, just keep up your win-win-loss streak. 

My pick: Denver

Houston (7-7) at Oakland (3-11)

Well, after what seemed to be the miracle run for the Texans, it's all over. Now, what are you going to do? Finish strong, or just give up?

My pick: Houston

New York (Jets) (9-5) at Seattle (3-11)

Okay, Brett, don't explode under pressure! You have to win this game. Stay alive!

My pick: New York

Atlanta (9-5) at Minnesota (9-5)

Living in Chicago, I always joke about how terrible the NFC North is. Not this year, no sirree! In what may be the most intense battle between the Vikings and the Bears, the Vikings are not fooling around. They've been playing like there is no tomorrow.

My pick: Minnesota

Philadelphia (8-5-1) at Washington (7-7)

Aw, poor Redskin fans. After a 6-2 season, playoff hopes are ruined. Will they play spoiler to the red hot Eagles? Eh, I doubt it. And that is not because I'm an Eagles fan.

My pick: Philadelphia

Carolina (11-3) at New York (Giants) (11-3)

Okay, Plaxico, this was a TERRIBLE time to shoot yourself. Ever since you shot yourself, the Giants have lost their stride. Can they get it back, or will they enter the playoffs with a 4 game loss streak?

My pick: Carolina

Monday Night Game: Green Bay (5-9) at Chicago (8-6)

Okay, I confess, I hate the Bears. I don't even know why. But they've been playing pretty nice, in hope of either getting the division or getting a wild card spot. But will the Packers, blood rivals of the Bears, play spoiler? 

My pick: Green Bay

These are my picks for an exciting week 16! Have a great holiday season everyone!!


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