In Other News...CC Sabathia To Make $9.5 Million Before Throwing a Pitch

Shanan H.Analyst IDecember 20, 2008

CC Sabathia will likely throw the first pitch at the new Yankee Stadium on April 16, and he will have been well-compensated for that honor. The left-handed ace is scheduled to cash $9.5 million of his record-setting contract by that time.

So, Sabathia gets to sit at home, eating Big Macs, and he'll get paid nearly ten million dollars. Is that fair? No.

Most likely, in my life, I won't make that much money.

Sabathia will be paid $6 million of that bonus plus $3.5 million of his '09 salary by the time the Yankees open the regular season.

Sabathia receives $583,333 two times a month. 

During the season, Sabathia will make approximately $224,358.85 every time he pitches. If you gave me that type of money, I could live off of it for nearly four years.

The AP also reported that Sabathia's deal ensures he will have a suite on road trips, a provision also in the contracts of several other major leaguers.

Also, what if Sabathia gets injured? Suppose all the Big Macs kill him. Suppose his stomach explodes. Suppose he becomes President and cannot play this year. If any of these thing happen, then Sabathia was a waste of money.

There have been many free agent busts, not to mention many on the Yankees.  The most recent being Carl Pavano (See my article '"Paving" the way; Is Carl Pavano the Answer for the Yankees?')  He pitched in just a few games, and although he pitched well the two of three games, he was not a huge asset for the Yankees.

Giambi was also not that great, and had a scandel surrounding him.

A-rod has cursed every team that has signed him as a free agent.

What will Sabathia do?  Only time can tell.

All that I will say is that I hope he donates some of the butt load of cash he's getting to charity.