Give Me Super Sam Over Superman Hands Down: Bradford the Quarterback for Me

J. Robert ByromCorrespondent IDecember 20, 2008

If I coached a bad team devoid of talent there is no doubt that I would want Tim Tebow to be my quarterback. Tebow is absolutely amazing—he's an admirable passer and a rare quarterback that can power run with above average speed.

If I was surrounded by talent at every position like Florida or Oklahoma, Sam Bradford would be my quarterback of choice, hands down. No quarterback has shown an ability to put the ball exactly where it needs to be for the play makers to catch it full stride like Bradford.

Need a three-yard flair with a lot of touch? No problem. Need a 30-yard laser to the tight end open in the end zone? Bradford's your man. Need someone to stand in the pocket and take a hit just to give that wide receiver two more seconds to cut inside that safety? Check—Bradford has done it all year, time and time again. Even in the game he lost, he had five touchdowns and nearly 400 yards. 

Tebow is a great runner, but he is no Chris Rainey or Brown. He adds another dimension to Florida's offense that Bradford does not have, but with the running backs that Florida or OU have, you would not want your quarterback leading the team in rushing. 

When it comes to passing, there is absolutely no comparison—Tebow is a good passer with an amazing head, but Bradford is rewriting the record books and lifting the expectations of what a quarterback can do his freshman/sophomore years.

On a bad team, Tebow is my man. But on a top team in a top conference with weapons all around, I want Bradford over Tebow because I know on every play he can get the ball to the play makers better than anyone.