CC Sabathia Came to NY So He Doesn't Have To Repeat His Milwaukee Excellence

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CC Sabathia Came to NY So He Doesn't Have To Repeat His Milwaukee Excellence
Bob Mantz reports: I just returned from the Sabathia unveiling. He doesn't seem to do well with big crowds. Very quiet. A bit tongue tied. Certainly not glib. And I didn't see Fredo Hank Steinbrenner there for some reason (Hank v Cashman feud?)

$161 million dollar CC Sabathia gave 'not having to live up the the expectations that were set in Milwaukee' as his reason for coming to New York. CC said, "If I had went somewhere else they would have expected me to do what I did the last 2nd half in Milwaukee and you know that's kinda unrealistic."

He added, "I am not going to be able to have stretches like that so...[its good that the Yanks have other good players]." So maybe CC is a thousand times more humble than I am. This is a complete 180 from when WFAN's Mike Francesa thought...Hmmm, I don't need a partner...before his ratings tanked. And, remember, Amber Sabathia said...I love it. Yankee Stadium? No, their California home...

Not a good first day. Maybe worse than Randy Johnson's in that RJ at least came in still acting as if he was the Ace. I do not think that Brian Cashman and the Steinbrenners expected CC to defer to others on the team. Listen and form your opinion. (Update) Deadspin's Dashiell Bennett said it well, "Fortunately, New York baseball fans are a kind and patient bunch with no sense of entitlement that would never make unreasonable performance demands on new players. Just try your best—that's what they care about." - takes you to Amazon's guaranteed lowest prices, works all year long, baseball to electronics. Feel free to circulate to family and friends.

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