Monday Night Raw Results 11/21/2011: The Top 8 Questions Going Forward

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IINovember 22, 2011

Monday Night Raw Results 11/21/2011: The Top 8 Questions Going Forward

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    A night removed from Survivor Series, Raw was live from Hershey, Pennsylvania.

    Tonight we witnessed a "Fruity Pebble" chant, Kevin Nash rambling and John Cena getting showered in boos. Again.

    As I do every Monday night following Raw, I present the "Top Questions Going Forward."

    These questions are meant to stimulate conversation and give us pause so we can examine current storylines.

    Shall we have it?

What does Kevin Nash add?

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    I will keep bringing this up until Kevin Nash either leaves Raw or finds a new purpose.

    Once again Kevin Nash came out and spouted a bunch of useless nonsense about he and Triple H’s relationship. When you decipher through his studdering, his main point seemed to be that he is the last of the “Kliq” remaining.

    So what?

    You are all well past your prime, so what does that matter? I was obsessed with the Kliq when I watched wrestling 15 years ago, but its 2011. Half of today’s fans do not understand anything Kevin Nash is even talking about.

    The man adds nothing and his awkward appearances are just confusing. The WWE keeps trotting him out there because they believe fans wants to see Kevin Nash and Triple H go at it.

    Newsflash: We do not care about them.

    It would be different if Nash was interacting with younger talent, but this feud does nothing for either of them because they are already so established.

    What is this proving?

Will Kane Bring Back the Mask?

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    I am assuming you all saw that weird promo with the mask?

    Is it possible the WWE is hinting at a return of Kane with the mask? It’s far too early to tell, but this is the Internet so rampant speculation is a must. A lot of WWE fans want to see the mask return, but I think it may be weird since his hair is gone.

    It’s worth mentioning here. Any takers think the mask will be back?

Will Booker T Feud with Cody Rhodes?

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    After Cody Rhodes destroyed Santino Marella, he went over to Booker T and decided to throw a cup of water in his face. Apparently Rhodes believes that Booker T has been talking some trash about him on commentary.

    Could this mean the in-ring return of Booker T?

    Time will tell, but Booker handled himself well. He was visibly upset, but continued to act professional. I have to believe something more will come out of this.

    Rhodes has not defended his Intercontinental title lately, so perhaps the WWE think they can spice things up by having the talented youngster enter a short feud with Booker T. This feud would get fans excited and may even help push Rhodes into the main picture down the road.

    Would this excite you?

Will Big Show Face Mark Henry for a Third Time?

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    The Big Show decided to come out tonight on Raw and remind us that he would be waiting for Mark Henry to come back from his “injury.”


    Do we really have to go through this match for a third time? There is nothing about this feud that makes it even remotely interesting. All of the momentum that Mark Henry once had is absolutely gone.

    I predict we will see the Big Show vs. Mark Henry at TLC next month. Now it may help the match with the introduction of weapons, but the fans are already bored to tears with this rivalry.

    One of my biggest pet peeves about the WWE is when they have so many repeat matches, but having three consecutive matches is just inexcusable and lazy on the part of the writers. The WWE has the talent for Henry to have a fresh challenger next month, but they will most likely take the easy way out and milk this feud further.

What Will Come from the Wade Barrett-Randy Orton Feud?

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    This feud has become quite interesting because Wade Barrett seems to finally be getting a push by the WWE.

    There is no denying that both of these men are very talented, but what will come out of this feud? Is this a prelude to a possible rivalry involving the World Heavyweight Championship?

    I think fans do not even care who comes out the victor because this will be an entertaining feud regardless. The WWE is doing the right thing by pitting two young talented wrestlers against one another. I can only hope they get the title involved in this feud somehow.

    If the World Heavyweight title is not infused into this feud, then it is possible that one of these men gets pushed down again. Barrett seems to be getting pushed and Orton is one of the faces for the company; doesn’t it make sense to get more use out of this feud?

Why is Del Rio Facing CM Punk Next Week?

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    The only reason I bring this up is because I thought CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio would have their rematch at the pay-per-view next month. If Del Rio loses next week, wouldn’t that mean CM Punk would face someone else at TLC?

    I wanted to mention this because it just struck me as weird. I certainly cannot predict what the WWE will do, but why would CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio fight next week on Raw? Will that match also be in the middle of the card so John Cena can continue to hog the last lines of the show?

    I may not be Del Rio’s biggest fan but I think you need him feuding with Punk a bit longer. Who else would be able to main event a PPV for the WWE title against Punk so soon?

    Anyone have any theories of why this is happening?

Who Has John Cena Paid Off?

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    The boy scout version of John Cena must come to an end. He is being pushed to a fault and the WWE Creative team are fools for allowing Cena to embarrass himself every week.

    When John Cena is getting booed every time he enters an arena, how can anyone think it would be a good idea to continue to have Cena do the same thing over and over again.

    Right before Hulk Hogan turned heel, his character was as stale as it had ever been. Even then Hogan was not getting booed out of buildings, yet WCW and Hogan recognized it was time to make the switch.

    Why not John Cena? The WWE seems to push him out of spite at this point. I have never seen a face so hated and nothing being done about it. The Miz was right when he said that no one wanted to see Cena at Survivor Series.

    Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and so many others had more than one character change in their careers. Why can’t the WWE recognize it’s time for Cena to be tweaked?

    I am sure this is repetitive, but the Cena debacle has become so obscene that every writer on Bleacher Report will be writing about this. No one can make sense of why John Cena is still in the spotlight when he is consistently getting booed.

    The old excuse was that he was the number one merchandise seller so he cannot be touched. Well, now he is not selling the most merchandise. It almost feels like the WWE does not care what the fans want because they themselves want Cena as the face and that is all that matters.

    I always respected Cena for his contributions, but enough is enough.

Does the Awesome Truth Splitting Up Matter?

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    It is hard to believe that the Awesome Truth were once behind the “Conspiracy” and many considered them to be the second coming of the New World Order. Well all of that is over because John Cena successfully broke up the pairing by turning them against one another.

    I am not too surprised since they were constantly being made to look bad. There may be more to this breakup than we know, but for now the only thing we do know is that the Miz put R-Truth’s skull into the ground.

    It is anyone’s guess of what happens from this point on. My gut feeling is that the Miz will return to the main event scene and R-Truth will fade into obscurity.

    However, the real question is does anyone really care about them splitting up?

    They have had no momentum in months, so I am not sure ending Raw with their split was as exciting as the WWE had hoped. Of course, when I read the comments below I will get a better understanding of how any of you think.

    Make sure you leave your feedback below and let me know what questions came out of Raw for you. Also, remember to follow me on Twitter @ClassicJoeyMac.

    Keep it Classic!