Kane: Returning to the WWE with Mask?

Nathan GieseSenior Analyst IINovember 22, 2011

Last night on Monday Night Raw, a video package was shown regarding a certain superstar who is bound to return at some point in the near future.

No, it was not another one involving Brodus Clay and his impending debut on Raw, which has been promoted for a number of weeks now.

This video package displayed Kane, acting like a crazed man, smashing mirrors and yelling.  The end of the video was the most telling of the story, though, as a fiery mask, the same one that Kane uses to sport, fell to the ground.

What makes this so interesting to fans is knowing that Kane is bound to return, with only the question being when.  Another reason this video package says so much in so little time, is because of the mask. 

We've all speculated recently on not only when Kane will return, but also on whether or not he will return with a mask.

Before he became yet another victim of Mark Henry's Hall of Pain, Kane began speaking about losing himself, not acting like he used to and being unhappy about it.  Darkness began to speak to him and he started to talk about changing his ways.

Except, before he could do so, he was sidelined by a leg injury, thanks to Henry and his handy-dandy chair attached to the leg. 

Now, the question is, is the video a way of telling us that Kane will return with a mask, much like the ones we have known and loved in the past? Or is this just another misguided video that really says nothing, but is used in a way to make fans get excited about his return?

My money is on the first one.  Why would a mask appear in a Kane video unless it was going to be used for something? The last time we saw Kane in a mask was back in 2003.  Eight years is a long time when it comes to professional wrestling, and even longer when you figure in when Kane started to make his masks smaller and smaller. 

The last time we saw our favorite version of Kane in 2003, his character worked so well with his mask because it gave him that edge over all competitors; they were unable to see any emotions during the contest.  You could never tell what the guy was thinking, which made that character so terrifyingly awesome for fans.

Masked Kane was my all-time favorite wrestler growing up, so count me in on the return of the masked demon. 

Please hurry back, Masked Kane.  I've been missing you for eight years now.