Porter's Weekly Leafland Talk: What Gifts Should the Leafs Get This Christmas?

Jack PorterCorrespondent IDecember 19, 2008

With Christmas less then a week away, lets take a look at what some players may want to find under their trees.

Vesa Toskala

A puck the size of a beach ball. Maybe then he can stop something!

Ron Wilson

A blue "C." Maybe then he'll put it on someone's jersey. Come on, enough is enough; Sundin is gone, so let's move on.

Brian Burke

A stocking stuffed with first round draft picks.

Jeremy Williams

A permanent locker at the Air Canada Center. What else does this guy have to do to prove he belongs in the NHL?

Mikhail Grabovski

Nik Hagman. The slumping rookie has had only two points in his last five games. He's seriously missing his mentor and linemate Hagman.

Curtis Joseph

A time machine, to take him back to when he didn't let in 6 goals per game and was actually a good goalie.

Mike Van Ryn

A clean bill of health. In his second game back from a multi-injury ordeal at the hands of Montreal's Tom Kostopolus,Van Ryn was dealt another concussion, this time at the hands of Milan Lucic.

Leafs Nation

A first overall pick and changes that will help this team become a contender—not the pretenders they've been for so long.