Miami Dolphins: The Future Looks Bright

Kevin RyanContributor IIINovember 21, 2011


There is an illusion in Dolphinland these days and it's called three-and-seven.

Allow me to preface my article: First and foremost, this is not an article about how the team would have, should have and could have won some of those previous games on the schedule. Although one could make a case that had certain calls and balls bounced the way of the Dolphins, we would be in the hunt right now. Still, I have found in life that it's much easier dealing with the reality of the situation.

So, what do I mean then when I say that the record is an illusion?

I'm talking about how strong the team is right now and the direction they are headed.

Welcome to the Miami Dolphin Fin Base, where I have written about the positive aspects of the team all season long. Yes, they have been hard to find, but thankfully the spark has become a flame.

In my recent article "Miami Dolphins Do Not Need Luck To Win" I made some predictions: "As the second half of the season develops, the Dolphins will win some of the games that they are supposed to and some games that they are not supposed to." Looking at the schedule now, that prediction is ripe.

When evaluating a team, one usually looks at the record as the bottom line and elaborates from there. In this case however, I am going to say that this would be a mistake. For whatever reason, the Dolphins are much better than their record.

Is it because the coverages are improving each week, or is it the front seven stepping up their game that have allowed the defense to jell finally? Perhaps you might like to site the emergence of Matt Moore. But, no matter the reason for why it has taken this long to start winning, why knock it?

The last draft is starting to look very sound.

In addition to the previously mentioned improvements, the offensive line is beginning to improve slowly each week. Anthony Fasano is suddenly playing at an entirely different level.

The team looks solid at the other skill positions too. Reggie has been Reggie—I mean that in a good way—and, as for Daniel Thomas, you can throw his stats out the window. This guy is a bull who moves the pile. Once his hamstring is fully behind him, he will begin contributing. Count on it.

Did Matt Moore fall into a winning equation or is he creating one? If we keep winning, perhaps the answer won't matter.

For most of us, the firing of head coach Tony Sparano has been a foregone conclusion, but what if the team were to run the table or reach eight-and-eight? We would be quite ready for 2012 and, at that point, revamping could be a mistake.

Perhaps I am being too optimistic, but if the Dolphins keep winning, more writers and announcers will begin speaking my language. They will say what I have been saying all along—that this team is good. And, kudos to anybody who remembers Michael Beck's line from the 1979 movie The Warriors, when I reply to these folks by saying "Yeah, REAL good!"