WWE: Would Turning John Cena Heel REALLY Be a Good Idea?

Nick SignorelliSenior Writer INovember 21, 2011

There was much speculation in the IWC over the last few weeks leading up to Survivor Series that it was time for the WWE to turn John Cena into a heel. Many said it was the perfect time, and that he has reached his potential as the company's main guy.

I am sure that a Cena heel turn has been talked about on numerous occasions, but there are plenty of reasons for it not to happen.

For starters, Cena currently is the top guy in the WWE. Regardless of your opinion, or mine for that matter, Vince McMahon knows what he is doing when it comes to creating talent.

McMahon is responsible for turning wrestling from a joke of a "sport" into a multi-BILLION dollar industry. Vince has created the likes of Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Triple H and Bret "Hit Man" Hart.

With the exception of Hulk Hogan, Vince has used every one of these guys as both faces, and heels. 

But, as you noticed, the one man in that list that Vince didn't use as both a face and a heel, Hogan, is the guy that most people associate with John Cena. Do you think it is a coincidence that Hogan, with his limited skill set, was never asked to be the "bad" guy? Do you think MAYBE that is the reason they won't turn Cena?

Though Sunday night's Survivor Series would have been a great place for the WWE to turn Cena from face to heel, the fact that it didn't happen then proves that it isn't going to happen.  At least not yet.

The reality is, between now and WrestleMania, we are probably not going to be seeing too much of The Rock on the live shows.  He is simply too busy with his acting career. IF the Rock decided to come back to wrestling full time, then Vince would have no problem selling Cena as a heel right now.

That is not going to happen, so looking for a Cena heel turn would be a waste of time.

Right now, John Cena is the most popular WWE star when it comes to the kids, or Jimmys as some in the IWC like to call them. That does not change the fact that Cena is the most coveted celebrity in the WWE.

Yes, right now, CM Punk is the top seller. However, Cena just got new merchandise, so Punk will not be at the top of that list for long.

Cena is also the most requested sports celebrity for the Make-A-Wish foundation. He also has committed more hours to that charity than any other 10 celebrities combined.

If you look at one of the other avenues the WWE has entered into, movie making, Cena is also the company's leading actor. Yes, Dwayne Johnson is making bigger budget movies (barely), but when it comes to the movies the WWE is producing, no one comes close to Cena.

Do you really think that with the new WWE network coming, this isn't something that Vince has considered?

But, Vince does like to shake things up. He did turn Stone Cold Steve Austin into a heel, even though no one thought it would be possible. By Austin siding with Vince, it turned his character against the people, and it almost killed his character.

Austin would later say after his retirement that if he had any one thing to do over again, it would have been to not turn heel like that. Though, when Austin turned from McMahon, he went right back to being the superstar he is today.

And, to this day, you can still hear "WHAT?" at every WWE event.

IF the WWE is going to turn Cena heel, don't look for it to happen until it will get the most from the shock value. WrestleMania.

If the WWE REALLY wants to get Cena over as a heel, here is what they need to do at WrestleMania.

Have his match with the Rock on, and have Cena go crazy. Beat Rocky with a chair, send him through the desk, beat him with a bat.  The point would be, Cena would have to go so far over the limit that it would amaze everyone that he was that violent.

Have Cena get DQ'd, and keep beating on The Rock until he has to be pulled away by security.

After his match, Cena would then do a run in on the Undertaker's final match and cause him to lose at Wrestle Mania for the first time because of the interference from Cena.  This would establish Cena as a true heel.

At that point, two things are going to happen. 

1. Kids are going to start cheering against Cena.

2. The people that hate him today, will still hate him then.

See, the only people that WANT to see Cena as a heel are the people in the IWC that don't like him. Some don't like him because of his "limited" moves. Other hate him, simply because the kids love him. Some even say that Cena is SuperMan and can't lose. However, over the last year or so, Cena has been involved in pushes for Nexus, The Miz, CM Punk and others.

If the IWC would not then get behind Cena as a heel, then his character would be as good as dead. Odds are, once the kids turn against you, it is hard to simply get them back. If the IWC that doesn't like him are not going to get behind him, what is the reason that the WWE would turn him?

If the WWE turns Cena heel, they may kill one of the most profitable characters in the history of the company. Even though Vince McMahon likes to take risks, most of the time they are calculated.

This mistake could cost the WWE MILLIONS, and honestly, is it really worth the risk?