WWE: Could There Be Light at the End of the Tunnel for the US Title Picture?

Mike SalvatoreCorrespondent IIINovember 21, 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words
A picture is worth a thousand words

Everyone seems to be up in arms that Zack Ryder didn’t get the opportunity to win the United States Championship in MSG last night.

While I agree that the WWE may have missed out on a chance to have a real nice Survivor Series moment for Ryder, we all have to take a look at the big picture here.

Dolph Ziggler is the current champion, and the IWC has been clamoring for him to finally make the leap into the main event scene. Ziggler has always been able to go in the ring, and his recent promos have shown that he has grown much more comfortable on the mic. The only thing holding Ziggler back, ironically, is his current championship.

Over the last few months, it appeared that the WWE wasn’t sure who they wanted Ziggler to feud with (and drop the title to). For awhile it seemed like Mason Ryan would be the man to take the strap, but then Ryder caught fire thanks to his Z: True Long Island Story YouTube series.

The picture became even more cloudy when John Morrison seemingly came out of left field and entered the title picture as well. Morrison earned himself a surprising (some felt undeserved) title shot against Ziggler at Survivor Series last night.

Rumors are running rampant that Morrison’s time with the WWE is coming to a close, and that this brief feud was his swansong.

I see it as something much different.

I have a feeling that the WWE and Morrison have come to some sort of agreement on an extension, because frankly, it makes little to no sense to end his losing streak and give him a pay-per-view match.

So how does this story end?

We all agree that the belt is coming off Ziggler sooner rather than later. I think it’s a safe bet that Mason Ryan might find is way out of the title hunt for now because he is simply to green at this point.

Now we’re left with Morrison and Ryder as the main competition for Ziggler. I think ultimately Zack Ryder will be the one to finally dethrone Ziggler, whether it be in a singles match or a triple threat with Morrison.

With Ziggler out of the way, Ryder will need someone to feud with, and that man will be…

…John Morrison.

I think the WWE is ultimately setting Morrison up for a heel turn to give his character a new jolt of life. Morrison could easily become jealous of Ryder’s rise up the ladder as well as his own recent frustrations in the ring.

Also, if you’ve been watching ZTLIS recently, you’ve begun to notice that the show is starting to further WWE storylines a bit. Ziggler has become a recent regular to the show, and Ryder has openly used his show as a platform to get a rematch with Ziggler. John Morrison has been featured on the show recently, and it appears the show is teasing some tension between the two.

Given the WWE’s recent obsession with social media, this could be an outlet for them to further Morrison’s frustrations as well.

I fully admit that I have no insider information whatsoever about Morrison’s status with the company, but I do feel, from a business perspective, having him inserted into a feud between Ryder and Ziggler would make no sense if he was leaving the company.

People may complain about the lack of direction the US Title as seen in recent months, but I see it as the exact opposite. You have several guys pursuing this title, and arguably one of your most over baby faces is making it a point on his viral show to win the belt.

Call me crazy, but I think this is the most excited I’ve been about a mid-card title in a long, long time.