Pens Win, Solid Performance from Flower

Zach RockwellContributor IDecember 19, 2008

The return of Marc Andre Fleury was a relief to Pittsburgh Penguins fans everywhere, and apparently the bane of the Atlanta Thrashers.  Fleury, with 28 saves on 31 shots, played a solid 60 minutes of hockey, while his offense forced Atlanta to put in their backup goaltender in the second period after Phillipe Boucher buried a shot that Evgeni Malkin left for him at the Atlanta blue line. 

While the return of the Flower is alone worth cheering for, Bob Errey who called the game on FSN, revealed something of greater importance—to me anyway.  This piece of information brightened my day, and hopefully a lot of other Pens faithful's as well:  Colby Armstrong, traded last Spring to Atlanta for Pascal Dupuis and Marian Hossa (He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named), is an unrestricted free agent at the end of this season.  This alone was enough to put the score and the win out of my mind. 

What if we got him back?  We need him back.  I hope we get him back. 

A constant stream of similar thoughts kept racing through my head.  Colby "Army" Armstrong was a team and fan favorite in Pittsburgh.  Crosby's roommate and all around goofball, for me, was a joy to watch every game he played in.  The huge hits he dealt unbiasedly, the goals he scored from behind the net, and every little thing a player can possibly do on the ice amazed me.  He quickly became my favorite player and could do no wrong in my book.  I, like many others, was crushed when we had to send him to purgatory in Atlanta.  We knew there was no way his talent would be noticed on a team with only one good player in Ilya Kovalchuk as it was with the mighty and star-filled Pittsburgh Penguins. 

This I pose to the Penguins organization, although I do noy think they will ever read this:  Please, seriously consider resigning Colby Armstrong to the city and team he loved to play for.  He is greatly missed by fans, and I am sure even you miss him.  I believe he is an asset that we cannot afford to go without.  We need an aggravator to replace Jarkko Ruutu, instead of just the enforcers in Hal Gill and Eric Goddard.  Please, consider it.

Penguins faithful for life.