WWE Survivor Series 2011 Results: My Reaction to the Great PPV

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WWE Survivor Series 2011 Results: My Reaction to the Great PPV

Coming off of the 25th anniversary of Survivor Series, questions were answered and many questions started to be asked. Is John Morrison leaving? What is The Rock's status with WWE until WrestleMania?

Even if Wade Barrett's barrage has ended and if his main-event push is finally here; those are some of the pondered thoughts among WWE fans.

(W) Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison for the U.S. Title

Ziggler's match with Morrison was phenomenal and tore the house down. Each man took his part to steal the show and display some of the most skilled in-ring work this year. Ziggler was the favorite going into the match, but I had an inkling of a Morrison victory.

It was about a 10-minute match and like I noted above, it did not disappoint. Near-fall after near-fall and the tension grew. After a missed Starship Pain, Morrison was thrown towards the ropes, Ziggler hit the Zig-Zag and pinned the Shaman of Sexy.

Morrison fans were sitting their disappointed and it seemed real that his WWE tenure is finished. Overall 9/10 match quality.

Eve vs. (W) Beth Phoenix for the Divas Title in a Lumberjill Match

This match was not expected to be one where fans remained in their seats. Although the premature anticipation was not there, both competitors surprised me. It was a decent match with few high spots and technical prowess.

Eve and Phoenix are good in the ring as it is and showed why the women's division should be respected. With the other Divas outside the ring, it was an in-ring battle.

The contest was short and had a spectacular finish and most Divas today would not try to take this bump. Phoenix hit a Glam Slam from the top rope and covered Eve for the pin.

Instead of the common roll-up, the fans were treated to a great finishing move from a high-risk territory. I must say one thing, props to the Divas division in this matchup.

Now it looks like Eve will feud with someone else and leave hopefully Natalya to battle for the Divas Title.

10-Man Traditional Tag Match: Team Orton vs. (W) Team Barrett

Team Orton vs. Team Barrett was the traditional tag-team this year and I was not disappointed. Expecting the usual to happen (Sheamus/Orton survivors with the victory), the complete opposite happened.

After a few eliminations, Hunico, Cody Rhodes and Barrett were left in the ring against Orton after a Sheamus disqualification.

Orton RKO'd Hunico eliminating him and that left Rhodes and Barrett to fend off WWE's second golden boy. Rhodes ran into the ring after the elimination and took an RKO from Orton and then Barrett cleaned up the mess.

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He hit a Wasteland to Orton and pinned him for the one-two-three. It is said that wrestlers start their career at Survivor Series. John Cena did it in 2002, The Rock did in 1997 and Undertaker in 1990.

Could Wade and Cody be next? Both put on a performance that could help them on the path to main-event status.

(W) Mark Henry vs. Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship

Henry and Show impressed me last night. Both showed great athleticism in a good match. The most questionable part would be the ending.

After Show hit a diving elbow drop, compliments to Randy Savage, Henry got up after he kicked out and nailed Show with a kick to the groin.

Henry, with the champion’s advantage, used it in full force as he left with the championship. What does this mean? I'm not quite sure Show is out of the picture, but he should be. Sheamus is due for a WHC reign and Wade Barrett is making a charge for it as well.

(W) CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio for the WWE Championship

This match can only be explained with one word: exciting. Just like the Ziggler vs. Morrison match, Punk and Del Rio put on a wrestling spectacle.

Just like Punk said, he would make this place fun again. Watching those two last night reminded me of the good-old days when wrestling was the main priority.

It wasn't about dirty tricks or outside interference (Ricardo played the heel manager), just about putting on a show.

CM Punk defeated Del Rio with his patented Anaconda Vice and left with the WWE Championship. I wouldn't give it MITB quality, but it was real close. Expect a rematch for the WWE belt at TLC, given that it's on the poster.

This feud is far from over.

(W) John Cena and The Rock vs. The Miz and R-Truth

In a contest hyped beyond any other match, from a wrestling fan's standpoint, it disappointed me. Rocky ended up with the pin after a People's Elbow, but it took too long to start and wasn't properly done as well as it was promoted.

John Cena wrestled most of the match, except for the beginning and end. Rock hit a few arm drags and a couple of suplexes in the beginning.

At the end, Rock did his impactful punches, proceeding with the Elbow to Miz.

Rocky's first match back in seven years proved he didn't have ring rust. I was truly impressed at his ability to work a match.

I wish they would've had a longer match, instead of posing and stare-downs. I'll give this a 6/10.

Overall, the show was great. I enjoyed every match. Tonight's RAW will answer some of those questions I talked about in the beginning.

For the benefit of those with flash photography...


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