Did Baligjagic-Adler Receive an Early Christmas Present?

Sue FoxContributor IDecember 19, 2008

It did not take long for the rumblings to begin about the controversial decision between Garside - Balijagic-Adler that ruled in favor of the hometown fighter.

Garside said after the fight, "I was robbed. I am still the Champ."

According to Canada.com, Balijagic-Adler said that she was surprise at the win, and she praised Garside.

Canada.com also reported that in this 10-round World International Boxing Association title bout Garside battered her opponent, knocking her down twice but, that in the end; the judges scored it a close victory for Adler.

Women Boxing Archive Network (WBAN) is requesting a video of this fight for review.  If there is anyone who has a video, please contact us at wban100@aol.com.