WWE Survivor Series 2011: Headliner Reportedly in Violation of Wellness Policy

Katie GregersonCorrespondent INovember 21, 2011

Here's an interesting tidbit of news from the Wrestling Globe Newsletter via SEScoops.com:

Evan Bourne’s suspension for his first violation of WWE’s Talent Wellness Program has generated a great deal of controversy amongst talent, as some feel a double standard is in place.

Bourne, who’s real name is Matthew Korklan, was suspended for 30 days on Nov. 1, 2011, after testing positive for Spice, a synthetic marijuana brand. Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer reports Bourne and another wrestler higher up the card smoked the marijuana substitute drug at a party, yet he was the only one of the two to be suspended. The other wrestler was told he had failed for marijuana, which results in a $2,500 fine, as opposed to a 30 -day suspension for synthetic marijuana.

According to the Wrestling Globe Newsletter, the wrestler in question is a participant in tonight’s Survivor Series match featuring John Cena and The Rock against R-Truth and The Miz.

This has led to questions about whether WWE’s drug testing procedure is flawed or whether talent are treated differently depending on their status in the organization.

If this is true, there clearly is a double standard in place when it comes to the wellness policy. There has been speculation that the recent slew of suspensions was done in part to send a message to talent that WWE management won't hesitate to suspend a wrestler found in violation of the policy, even if they are a title holder.

However, that message isn't going to quite get across if they also allow higher-up talent a "get out of jail free" card just because they consider them more integral to the show.

In this case, the drug in question is synthetic marijuana; it's hardly a health hazard. But if main-event players realize they can get away with that, what else might they try to get away with?

Hopefully WWE management will stop the double standard and won't continue to allow big names to skate by unpunished, especially if they're found using drugs that could kill them.