How Bout Peyton Manning? What a Show He Put On Last Night Vs Jaguars?

matt morelloContributor IDecember 19, 2008

I'm not a Indianapolis colts fan but i am a huge fan of NFL. What a night Peyton manning had vs Jacksonville Jaguars last night. Manning completed his first 17 passes and picked apart the jags secondary before misfiring early in the third quarter to Anthony Gonzalez.  Hes an  unbelieveable Quarterback to watch. He sees the field great. He has so much confident on field and he stays patience switches up the plays before the hike like many times.

Manning had completed his final 6 passes vs lions and and his first 17 against jacksonville one shy of the record of 24 by Donovan McNabb for consectvie passes completed without making a imcomplete pass. I think Peyton and the colts have a good chance of running the table and going on to win the superbowl because of Peyton Manning and the way there defense is playing right now they could have a good chance of winning the superbowl this year. Yea i know the titans have the best record in football i dont think there the best team in football cuz i dont think there offense is that good of a team ya they have a good defense and good running game but i dont think kerry collins is a big time Quarterback. Ya kerry won the superbowl one year but he had a good defense that year but i think hes getting old and i think he will makes mistakes in the playoffs so i think the titans will fall short.