Dashon Goldson Ejection: Why That Was the Dumbest NFL Fight of the Year

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Football is a physical game. Players smash into each other at full speed for sixty minutes, so it's only normal that emotions can run high and things can boil over.

We saw it at the end of the Lions-Niners game with Jim Harbaugh shaking Jim Schwartz's hand a little too hard and then getting into it. And we saw it last week with the Lions and the Bears (oh my).

I've got no problem with fighting. It happens, you get it out of your system and you move on. But what I cannot abide is stupidity, which is the only word I can use to describe today's fight between Dashon Goldson and Early Doucet.

Now, Doucet started it by hitting Goldson in the helmet while he was on the ground following the play. Doucet had retribution coming.

So Goldson got up and...punched him in the facemask.

The facemask. Not the face. The facemask. He also landed some pretty solid blows on Doucet's shoulder pads as well. That'll teach him.

Who punches another player in the helmet? What good does that do? The only tactical advantage to punching some guy in the helmet is to momentarily confuse him while he wonders why this idiot is punching him in the helmet. Then you use that instant to tackle him and get some body blows that will actually do something.

The astounding thing, is that Goldson kept doing it. He threw a couple of jabs, then threw some more, obviously thinking to himself, "this is going pretty well."

If he would have broken his hand, that would have been hilarious. The refs must have thrown him out partly for his own safety, so he wouldn't keep punching solid objects with his bare hands.

I hope players will use this as an example in the future. Don't fight...but if you do, just go tackle the crap out of somebody. No good will come from throwing jabs at anybody's helmet.

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