In the News (12/19)

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IDecember 19, 2008

I’m not entirely “down” with the new WordPress version we have, so I’m going to kick it old school until I feel like dicking around with headers again. And away we go…

Brewers News

- As mentioned below, Milwaukee made two less than exciting acquisitions Thursday in inking left-handed outfielders Trot Nixon and Chris Duffy to minor league deals, both with invites to camp: I feel like (hope that) all these low-key signings are just a precursor  to something sizable, but maybe not. Either way, one of these chaps will likely snag the last OF spot on the 25-man roster and won’t play as surprisingly well as Gabe Kapler did last season in a similar signing. 

- In form of the desperate, painstakingly average girl Milwaukee Brewers baseball is tabbed to be, Haudricourt says “OMGz, he (the Yankees) CALLED BACK?!?!” But gladly, Doug has moved on from Cameron/Cabrera consideration.

- S.I.’s Jon Heyman puts Milwaukee among the potential suitors for Oliver Perez: The way this offseason is going, I’d tab someone more like Scott Kamienieki or Corey Lidle to be on Melvin’s radar. Overpaid, as he’d be, I wouldn’t hate seeing Perez hop around Miller Park for three years or so.

- Old, but has yet to be linked here— interviewed former Brewer Brad Woodall: Any interview that speaks of Slump Busters is an interview I want to read.

Rumors and Speculation

- The seemingly dissolved Mike Cameron talks might lead to Manny Ramirez becoming a Yankee: Combining “Manny being Manny” with “The Bronx Bombers” would result in just one annoying, media-humped baseball item for me to try my hardest to ignore. I hope it happens.

The (Devil) Rays are said to be interested in Derrick Turnbow.

NL Central

- The third worst acquisition by a NL Central team Thursday: Aaron Boone + Houston = 8===D - - - (on ‘Stros fans).

- THIS IS HILARIOUS!!! (but riddled with NSFW language)


- In the fallout of the Rafael Furcal flip-flop, Atlanta Braves GM Frank Wren said the team will no longer be doing business with the Wasserman Media Group: This boycott won’t bode well for an Atlanta/Randy Wolf agreement. I also wouldn’t expect to see Jason Kendall, Mike Rivera or Mia Hamm tomahawk chopping until this is resolved.

- Former Brewer CC Sabathia has a new Web site design: I personally liked the last one better, but what can you do?

Rockies sign Glendon Rusch for 1 year/$750K… I miss that somebitch more with each passing season. Wait, that’s Mark Loretta.