Where Are They Now? Zac Collie

Brett RichinsSenior Analyst IDecember 18, 2008

First and foremost I would like to thank Quinn for giving me the opportunity to write my first and last blog entry.  Seriously though…great job Quinn.  This is the only Cougar Football website I will ever take seriously.  I have to admit that since the end of my football career I have wandered over to a few different websites just to take a peek and WOW!! My two year old knows more about the game than most these people.

To answer the question of “Where are they now?”  I am currently living in God’s Country…El Dorado Hills, California.  Living in California is worth every ridiculous tax dollar I pay…well almost.  Now, due to the financial Armageddon Governor Schwarzenegger declared last week it looks as if more of my tax dollars will go to making California what it is today (woo-hoo, thank you sir may I have another).

I am currently working as a Commercial Real Estate Broker for Cornish and Carey, a Commercial Real Estate firm based in Northern California.  The hours are long and the work is hard but I love it.  I am hoping to one day sport a sweet comb over and have my own realty show where I can coin an equally cool catch phrase.

My wife and I welcomed our second daughter into the world this summer (Ben Cahoon, it looks as if your theory is proving correct).  They are perfect angels now, I am just crossing my fingers that they continue to be angels through high school. Two girls in High School at the same time…

Of my fondest memories at BYU none of them happened on the field.  The countless hours spent in the weight room, field, and locker room helped to build long lasting friendships that I will take with me for the rest of my life.  It was with these friends that my memories were built.

A few memories include; Curtis Brown lending an ear and some sound advice when I wanted to quit my junior year, Sunday dinners with Matt Berry and family, playing golf and training with Jake Kuresa, watching “24″ with John Beck, Matt Allen assisting me with a blessing for my wife who was about to give birth to our premature child and last but not least hanging with Quinn (the man behind this website) watching TV while our wives talked for hours on end without coming up for air.  These are the memories that I have taken with me.

My current tie to the program is my brother Austin.  I have thoroughly enjoyed watching him perform on a weekly basis.  He has done more with four routes then other receivers have done with an assortment of routes to run. The year he has had has been a direct result of hard work.  He has reached most all goals he set for himself as a youngster on Del Grande Court. Except for being a finalist for the Bilitnikoff Award (he didn’t have to win it, but you could have at least invited the guy…Jeremy Maclin??).

In regards to the state of the program, I believe this week’s bowl game will play a very big part in the Cougars future.  We all know they can beat Colorado State, Air Force, UNLV, and San Diego State but can the cougars match up toe to toe with a team who has equal or superior talent.  The past has proved otherwise.  The Cougs are great in the Mountain West, however the Quest for Perfection, the dreams of going to a BCS game will be all-for-not if they do not start beating the teams with equal or superior talent.

Especially now that TCU and Utah have finally figured out the BYU offense (this will make things interesting in the future).  I did see however, some sprinkles on that vanilla offense a couple weeks ago verse Utah.  That was great to see!!

Being that this is Arizona’s first bowl appearance in years, I am very interested to see how they have prepared. I am hoping they get wrapped up in all that Vegas has to offer (and it’s a lot) and forget they actually have to play a football game.  This is a regular home game for the Cougs…I hope they play like it. Rise and Shout!