Bowl Projections: 10 Unrealistic Scenarios SEC Fans Don't Want to See

Dan Vasta@CI_StatsGuruSenior Writer IIINovember 20, 2011

Bowl Projections: 10 Unrealistic Scenarios SEC Fans Don't Want to See

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    In a weekend full of upsets and thrilling finishes, the BCS jumble has one word to say: SEC!

    The SEC West is about a mortal lock to give us an all SEC BCS National Championship.

    Despite the options coming down to just LSU, Alabama and Arkansas right now, let us think a bit out of the box. Let's think of the unrealistic and a bit in the fantasy world of some matchups we would do anything to avoid.

    There are about 10 obvious title games most fans would never want to see, and I have a feeling that SEC fans want nothing of Houston and Boise State. 

    Realistically, the title game is lock between LSU, Alabama and or Arkansas.

    Enjoy the unrealistic scenarios that we will fortunately avoid.

Alabama vs. Boise State

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    This is all hypothetical and is flat out impossible, but let us have some fun. After all, the chaos we just suffered goes to show you anything can happen.

    So, though this is unlikely and impossible (relax SEC we know your the best, no contest) it would be crazy if Boise State can end up playing in the BCS National Championship. 

    Obviously Boise State will be stuck at sixth in the polls if Virginia Tech, Oklahoma State and Stanford win ahead of them. However, when asked about an unrealistic title game, the Broncos takes the cake since two SEC West teams will be punching their tickets to play for all the marbles.

Arkansas vs. Houston

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    Tyler Wilson and the Razorbacks would need to beat LSU and have Alabama lose to Auburn. This is an unlikely scenario, but dear lord nobody would watch this game.

    It could have arguably the worst ratings of all time despite two prolific quarterbacks and offenses. This is dream city like the title of the article mentions, but Arkansas at least does have a shot at playing for it all.

    Houston, on the other hand, needs a ton of luck.

LSU vs. Virginia Tech

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    Oh, boy!

    Virginia Tech is now up to sixth in the Associated Press Poll and has a chance to finish 13-1 for the first time since 2000.

    David Wilson has been a near All-American and the defense has been able to turn it up a notch when need be. However, if this matchup would happen, I am not sure many would watch this.

    LSU's defense would suffocate any ACC offense, and I am not sure the Hokies could even score a touchdown, to be honest with you.

LSU vs. Stanford

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    Well, I hope you still want to see Andrew Luck against an SEC defense if that matchup were to come true. Luck and the Cardinal have struggled offensively the last few weeks, and that would not be good against LSU.

LSU vs. Oregon

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    Want a rematch? (SEC fans scream hell no!)

    Well, this matchup can be thrown out the door with the Ducks at two losses, but at least can dream for those out in Eugene. Dream as if that last loss to USC never happened, but unfortunately Oregon can only hope for a Rose Bowl berth.

Alabama vs. Oklahoma State/Virginia Tech

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    No SEC fan wants anything to do with any team but their own. A battle of two teams in the SEC West would be sexy if a few more points are put on the board, but anything other than that would be dreadful to watch.

LSU vs. Boise State

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    Though I personally wouldn't mind this matchup, the Tigers would gash the Broncos for seemingly a billion yards. Kellen Moore would get obliterated by the fierce LSU defense and people would shout, I told you so!

    Though clearly the SEC has been king of the castle, it is not like anything has changed over night—other than having the three best teams in America.

Oklahoma State vs. Arkansas/LSU

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    The Cowboys blew their title chance with the loss to Iowa State, but their ranking and explosive offense suggests that they are the only team that could defeat an SEC team.

Virginia Tech vs Houston/Boise State

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    The Hokies just played the Broncos one season ago in the opener, and a Cougars-Hokies matchup is about unlikely as it is for a playoff to occur by next season. 

Houston vs. Boise State

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    Talk about a no chance scenario. What can possibly beat this?

    Case Keenum against Kellen Moore would be a great matchup to see since both defenses have had some issues, but there is a legitimate possibility that these two play in the Sugar Bowl perhaps.

    In terms of the national spotlight and the relevance, this would never catch America's attention, in a positive way at least. Everybody who doesn't cheer for these teams might riot over this nightmare of a matchup for SEC country.

    Luckily, the SEC rules the college football world and should never even have to ponder watching the unlikeliest of scenarios.