WWE Survivor Series: An Exposition for The Rock vs. Cena at Wrestlemania

Micheal RobinsonSenior Analyst IINovember 20, 2011

Can The Rock and John Cena co-exisit at Survivor Series?
Can The Rock and John Cena co-exisit at Survivor Series?

Never before, never again.

Let's face it: The 25th running of WWE Survivor Series is built around The Rock and John Cena.

The big picture being Wrestlemania, and Survivor Series being the spark that lights the fire.

This year's Survivor Series should be a great show with The Rock's highly anticipated return to a WWE ring after being out of action for seven years.

The last time we saw The Rock in his wrestling gear and in a match was at the same place Survivor Series will be held tonight, historic Madison Square Garden.

At Wrestlemania XX in 2004, The Rock teamed with his buddy Mick Foley to take on Evolution in a handicap tag match.  The match ended when Foley was pinned by Randy Orton.

So technically, The Rock lost his last match in the WWE, but he wasn't pinned.

I always felt that The Rock would come back because the way he went out just didn't feel right; you've got to have a better way to exit than that.

What better way to exit than to have him face arguably the most popular wrestler in the industry since The Rock, John Cena?

At Wrestlemania 27 earlier this year in Atlanta, The Rock cost John Cena a chance at winning the WWE Championship from The Miz.

The following night, a year in advance, a match was set for Wrestlemania 28 in The Rock's hometown of Miami between the two.

Since then, we have seen Cena and Rock take shots and stabs at each other whenever they're given the chance.

Tonight, we will see if they can co-exist as partners in a tag-team match against WWE bullies The Miz and R-Truth.

What I expect from tonight is The Rock having way too much pride inside the ring to cost his team the match.

With that being said, I think John Cena's decisions tonight will be the deciding factor of the match, and they will set up the story heading into 2012.

I am not calling for a heel turn, although it is always possible; anything is possible in the WWE.

However, what I am calling for is Cena being responsible for The Miz and R-Truth's victory over the Dream Team of himself and The Rock.

While it would take a lot more for all of the "little Jimmys" to boo their hero Cena, I don't think they would be too thrilled with the Tooth Fairy being turned on by his partner.

One thing we can expect for sure is WWE's legacy at Madison Square Garden in New York is about to have another chapter added to it, one to be remembered for ages.

I am looking forward to seeing The Rock back in his ring gear—at least, I hope he dons it.  Under Armour pants and a tank top isn't going to cut it for this "Attitude Era" WWE fan.