Urijah Faber vs Dominick Cruz III Head-to-Toe Breakdown

Antwyn JacksonContributor IINovember 20, 2011

Urijah Faber vs Dominick Cruz III Head-to-Toe Breakdown

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    Best two out of three, huh.  

    Check out the picture, even Arianny Celeste is interested in this one.

    With his dominant victory over Brian Bowles, Urijah Faber forced himself into a rubber match against Dominick Cruz for his UFC Bantamweight title.  

    The always confident Urijah Faber feels like he has the right mindset and game plan to get his hands on the UFC belt that he feels that he rightfully deserves.  

    Dominick Cruz won't have any part of that thinking.  He feels that he's the better fighter and that he proved that in their last fight.  But be sure that he is amped for this one.

    Let's check out who has the advantage in this the latest of UFC's storied trilogies.

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    Dominick Cruz' striking is so hard to predict he has to come out on the top of the striking discussion. 

    Faber does seem to have more power as evidenced in the hard uppercut that got Brian Bowles in trouble in his last fight at UFC 139.  He even landed a good number of power shots against Dominick Cruz at UFC 132. 

    With that said, Cruz landed more shots en route to a decision victory.  Cruz's unorthodox style and frenetic movements are enough to frustrate any fighter.  He's hard to hit and even harder to predict because fighters don't know where the strikes are coming from.  His use of crazy angles and constant movement  put him over the top in this category.

    Advantage: Dominick Cruz


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    Urijah Faber takes this category but with a stipulation.  Dominick actually won this category in the last fight and that is what propelled him to the win.

    In fights that seem to be a little "personal", Faber seems to neglect his wrestling base as evidenced in his fight with Cruz, as well as his fights with Jose Aldo and Mike Brown.  He really head-hunted with his right hand and that left him open for takedowns.

    Even taking that into consideration, Faber has a better wrestling base and pedigree, even though Cruz is no slouch.

    Advantage: Urijah Faber 


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    Both men are respectable in the Brazilian jiu-jistu category as Dominick is a blue-belt and Urijah is a brown-belt.  However Urijah seems to have the edge in this category as well.

    Dominick often looks to outwork his opponents by out-pacing them with his stand up game and his cardio.  He doesn't look for takedowns unless  his plans are thrown off.  He hardly ever executes a submission.  

    Urijah looks for submissions often. He sports 14 submissions out of his 26 wins, so you have to lean toward Urijah in this category also.

    Advantage: Urijah Faber