Tiger Woods: Buy or Sell His Game?

Immer Chriswell@@immerrangeCorrespondent INovember 26, 2011

Tiger Woods: Buy or Sell His Game?

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    After the Presidents Cup, all of the sudden Tiger Woods is back. Everyone wants to be the first person back on the bandwagon.

    I've always been a huge supporter of Tiger throughout, but there are some things which have to be looked at. There's no doubt he deserved his spot on the Presidents Cup team after his performance. He carried a lot of weight for his pairings, as his partners weren't always at the top of their game.

    Then came singles, where Tiger did what Tiger does. He beat arguably one of the best players on the International squad in Aaron Baddeley, who is also an Aussie to boot.

    So are you buying or selling Tiger right now?

Driving: Sell

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    At this point, as pretty much has been standard procedure throughout his career, I will sell Tiger's driving all day. 

    Royal Melbourne is not a driver course. Woods only had to hit with the driver a small percentage of the time, going with an iron for the rest.

    So where is the proof that Tiger's driving is there? The proof isn't there, and it's that simple. There's no reason to trust Woods' driving because no one ever has.

    Sell this part of his game any day until he makes it through a season with over 60 percent driving accuracy, aka tour average.

Iron Play: Buy

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    Right now this is the crown jewel of Tiger's game. At the Presidents Cup with Dustin Johnson, he hit 17 of 18 greens during one round. 

    The other thing that you can feel a little better about—the stinger is back. The low two-iron stinging shot off the tee was in use, much in part to the weather. But the fact Tiger can play a shot that requires a lot of feel is a major plus as well. 

    Tiger never really complained about his ball-striking at all during his two-event tour in Australia, something that is worthy of noting since he had a tendency to go the self-deprecating route with his own game.

Short Game: Buy Low, Sell High

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    Tiger Woods' short game has more ups and downs than a roller coaster. For the first two rounds of his return it wasn't spectacular, but it got the job done. Then came the debacle.

    34 putts. There isn't really anything to say about that, it really speaks for itself.

    Right now he's a human in the area of putting. He hits his hot spots where he drops bombs and can't miss inside of 10 feet. And then there are the downs, which we have all been able to smile at.

Overall Play: Flip a Coin

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    Right now, it's difficult to pitch hard to sell Tiger's game. He played well in his past two events, but the Chevron World Challenge is a new day to prove himself.

    If it were just me, I would buy Tiger's game. It's really starting to look like he is taking steps toward making a comeback.

    But there are plenty of people still out there looking to rip his game apart. So if you're on the fence, flip a coin.