Urban Meyer Ohio State: 5 Reasons Meyer Could Win National Title Within 2 Years

Cody MeadowsCorrespondent INovember 20, 2011

Urban Meyer Ohio State: 5 Reasons Meyer Could Win National Title Within 2 Years

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    According to multiple sources, Ohio State and Urban Meyer are discussing the Buckeyes coaching position.

    ESPN's Adam Rittenberg and Chris Low cover college football for ESPN.com, and they reported about the talks taking place.

    Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith says no deal has been reached, and Meyer Deny's the current reports. Meyer said Saturday in the broadcast booth at the Nebraska-Michgican game, that, "There's no truth to that" when asked about reports that he has accepted the Buckeyes' coaching job.

    While I heard him say those words, I couldn't help but notice the fact that Meyer wasn't looking directly into the camera and that he was smirking. It was the look of a guy trying to hide the truth and his excitement about the Ohio State Buckeyes coaching job. It would certainly seem like the dream job for a guy who grew up in Toledo Ohio.

    He started his coaching career as a graduate assistant coach for the Buckeyes in 1986. He sounded a lot like a guy who misses coaching too, as much as he tries to cover it up.

    "I miss a lot of things about it, but I also am really enjoying another part, that I get to watch my kids play sports," Meyer said in an AP interview earlier this month.

    Everybody wants to see their kids play sports, Urban! Not everybody gets a chance to coach at the Mecca of college athletics in Ohio.

    The main reason this job will be so hard for him to pass up is the fact there is already talent on this roster. He could easily win a national championship within two years, just as he did when becoming the Florida Gators head coach in 2005.

    Read on for five reasons Meyer could win a Championship with the Buckeyes by 2013.

1. The Roster Is Young and Talented

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    The Ohio State Buckeyes roster is loaded with talented young players at nearly every position.

    Even though this years season was destined to fail due to offseason drama and suspensions, this team was in nearly every game this season. Four of the Buckeyes five losses were by seven points or less.

    The only exception was a 24-6 loss to the Miami Hurricanes in week three of the season. This was before freshman quarterback Braxton Miller got a true opportunity to play.

    As the season continued to unfold, everybody got to see the potential for this young team. The future is a bright one full of opportunities. Urban Meyer can see this too, which will make this job that much harder for him to turn down.

    Braxton Miller will more than likely play all four years, giving Meyer stability at the quarterback position. If something crazy happens there are a couple of other talented young quarterbacks on the roster. Kenny Guiton and Justin Siems will both be juniors next season, and Taylor Graham will be a sophomore.

    Graham was a highly touted prospect out of Illinois. At 6'4" 230 pounds, he is more of a pocket passer than Braxton Miller.

    The team is absolutely loaded at the running back position. Jordan Hall will be a senior in 2012. Carlos Hyde and Jamaal Berry will both be juniors and have already shown a lot of potential. Rod Smith will be a sophomore and is a beast, checking in at 6'3" 230 pounds!

    Wide receiver will be my main concern with very little veteran leadership. Jake Stoneburner will be a senior at the tight end position, he is about it. Somebody will have to step up and become a leader. Devin Smith showed a lot of skill this season as a freshman, I look for him to come up big. Evan Spencer is another sophomore to watch.

    On defense there is a lot of talent as well. The secondary will be very strong, led by sophomore Bradley Roby. Roby has 38 tackles and three interceptions as a freshman heading into next weekends Michigan game. C.J. Barnett is very good too, but he only has one season left before he graduates. 

    At linebacker, keep an eye on Ryan Shazier. He has 16 tackles and two sacks on the season and has hurried the quarterback several times to disrupt the play. He should see a lot of action as a sophomore and could very well develop into one of the best pass-rushers on the Ohio State defense.

    Sophomore defensive lineman Johnathan Hankins will be a monster next season. He has 60 tackles and three sacks this season.

He Knows How to Win

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    Urban Meyer has been a winner everywhere he goes.

    In 2001, Meyer took his first head coaching job at Bowling Green. In his first season there, he led one of the greatest turnarounds in the NCAA football history, going 8–3. Before Meyer, the team was lucky to win a game! They ended the season with a 56–21 win over Bowling Green's rival, the University of Toledo Rockets. 

    He also earned Mid-American Conference coach of the year honors. The next year, Bowling Green finished with a 9–3 record. After a 17–6 overall record, Meyer left for the University of Utah to coach the Utes.

    In 2004, Meyer led the undefeated Utes to a Bowl Championship Series bid, something that hadn't ever been done by a team from a non-qualifying BCS conference since the formation of the BCS in 1998. Meyer remained at Utah to coach the team to a Fiesta Bowl win over Pittsburgh. This was the the Utes' first perfect season since 1930.

    Prior to the 2005 season, Meyer had a choice to coach at the University of Florida or Notre Dame. Being that he is a Catholic and had called Notre Dame a dream job a few years prior, I was surprised he chose Florida.

    Ultimately, Urban Meyer won two national championships with Florida, two SEC conference titles and two MWC conference titles.

    If the past is of any indication he would succeed in Columbus, Ohio too.

Braxton Miller Could Learn Urban Meyer's Offense

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    Another reason Meyer could win a championship with Ohio State is quarterback Braxton Miller.

    Urban Meyer's teams at Bowling Green, Utah, and Florida all ran the spread, focusing mostly on running the football. Meyer's offense made Tim Tebow a superstar, one of the best college quarterbacks of all time.

    Look at Tim Tebow now in the National Football League. He still wins, but he is extremely inaccurate. 

    Braxton Miller is a better athlete than Tim Tebow and he is also inaccurate. With Urban Meyer at head coach, Braxton would be utilized perfectly. His strength is running the ball and scrambling to extend the play.

    If Meyer takes this job I would bet Braxton Miller was a big part of his decision. Millers' eyes probably lit up too when he heard this rumor!

    So far this season, Braxton Miller has only completed 48.6% of his passes. He has thrown nine touchdowns and three interceptions.Most of his success has come on the ground and this is in an offense not designed for it.

    He has carried the ball 128 times for 595 yards and six touchdowns. He will grow as a passer no matter who the coach is, but the kid is a talented runner!

Meyer Would Call the Shots, Bring in His Own Staff

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    The biggest downfall for this Ohio State team has been the offense. This is understandable to some extend due to all of the changes in personnel on he field in the coaching staff. I can't fault coach Luke Fickell for this. The blame goes on offensive coordinator Jim Bollman.

    Fickell mismanages timeouts but he is a first year head coach. He would improve with time, but needs to coach a smaller school and learn. Former coach Jim Tressel and Urban Meyer both started small and so should Fickell.

    Jim Bollman runs a vanilla offense that is much too predictable. I don't know what he did to help Tressel but I can promise that Tressel was calling most of the plays. Maybe the guy is a good friend but he is a poor offensive coordinator. Ninety-nine percent of the time, you could play the run on first and second down and you would be right.

    With his whole staff coming in everybody would get a fresh start. With full control he would feel in control and free to make the important decisions. This would be huge and the players would feed off of him, rather than having somebody looking over his shoulder.

    He wouldn't be intimidated by the pressure, he lived that for five years coaching the Florida Gators.

The Players Would Trust Him, Listen to Him

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    With Urban Meyer coaching, the players will look up to him. With Luke Fickell it seemed as though the players second guessed his decisions. You could see it on the players faces, and even Fickell himself looked lost out there.

    It was too big for him but he stepped in and did as well as he could. It was a bad situation to step into after a Buckeye favorite in Jim Tressel had to go.

    The players would respect Urban Meyer based on his past success too. This would go a long way in lighting a fire under the young players. They would know that Meyer expected a lot out of them and be gunning for the championship. They would play to a whole new level under a coach who they watched on TV holding trophies.

    The offense is also a lot of fun and puts a lot of points on the board. What player doesn't like to score a ton of points? Braxton Miller would have a field day too. With his speed and athleticism it would be difficult to stop him in the spread offense. If he keeps the ball, he can burn you, and if he hands it off, there are a host of running backs that can run by you or over you.

    With Meyer you will get a lot of recruits too. Add Meyers recruits with the current talent and it's going to be rocking in Columbus. He will recruit speed to mix with the Buckeyes power game.

    If Urban Meyer comes in they may not only win in two years, but every year! I'm joking of course, but they will contend for a championship every season Meyer is there.

    Now all we have to do is wait.