UFC 139 Results: Wanderlei Silva Has Absolutely Nothing Left to Prove

Antwyn JacksonContributor IINovember 20, 2011

Okay, let's be honest.  Raise your hand if you thought Wanderlei Silva was gonna get knocked out by a scissor-kick last night.

Wanderlei hasn't exactly been the "Axe Murderer" during his UFC tenure. He has a Philadelphia Eagles-type record of 3-6.  

Perhaps it was Wanderlei's legendary run in the Pride Fighting Championships that set the bar too high for him to reach.  But this fight showed us how dangerous Wanderlei can be if he's not put away early.

In a way, the fight was vintage Wanderei Silva.  This was the Silva we expected to see from the get-go.  He always has amazing cardio, but we don't always get to see that.  We also haven't seen a lot of the Muay Thai expertise that he showed in dismantling Cung Le's face.

For the most part, (unless you're a big fan of Marshall Law in the Tekken movie) people were excited to see Wanderlei get a knockout win. A lot of people wanted to see Wanderlei ride off into the sunset on a high note.  

It's always good to see a fighter finish his career with a win—we rarely see that happen. Most fighters seem to take on one more fight than they need to and end up showing us why they should retire.

Just like Chuck Liddell, Mirko "Cro-Cop" Filipovic, Matt Hughes and Randy Couture before him, Wanderlei Silva doesn't have anything left to prove.  

Silva's list of accomplishments as a MMA fighter are ridiculous and legendary.  He was arguably the best Pride fighter in history.  He's fought and beaten some of the best fighters to ever live.  Sure, he hasn't put himself into a title fight during his UFC run, but he's earned a lot of respect for what he's done early on in his career.

Quite frankly, he's done enough.

He probably won't be fighting for a title, and he's gotta be okay on money, so what else is there?  I know the fighting spirit and the thirst to compete is an unquenchable one, but why fight when there isn't a clear goal? 

There isn't anything that he needs to prove to us, he's done it all.  We know he's one of the best ever.  So you tell me: What does he need to do?  Why keep fighting?

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