WWE Survivor Series 2011 Predictions: Miz and R-Truth Will End the Night Buried

Tom KinslowFeatured ColumnistNovember 20, 2011

For all of the work Miz and R-Truth have put into building their heat coming into Survivor Series, they'll end the event buried under the spotlight of John Cena and The Rock.

The two heels have teamed up to form one of the most compelling duos in all of the WWE, and they've played foil to Cena and The Rock, but they're only there to be means to an end, in which they'll be used to springboard the two superstars into WrestleMania.

It is a shame how much work they've put in, only to be a footnote and have their momentum stolen heading into the home stretch of the year. Awesome Truth may win the match, but it won't be a clean win, and ultimately, it will be overshadowed by the feud between Cena and The Rock.

This farce of a tag match has just been an excuse to get the two men in the same ring as each other before WrestleMania, and Awesome Truth have been pegged as the fall guys to be the team to make it happen.

The main event isn't a promotion for Miz and Truth, as much as it is marching orders to allow Cena and The Rock to steal the show, which is quite a shame. These two have put their heart and soul into making themselves a viable force in the WWE, especially with how out of place they seemed when they first appeared on the scene. 

They should be commended for their work, but sadly, come Monday, all fans will be talking Cena and The Rock, just the way the WWE wants it. Once Raw starts, that storyline will be front row and center, and Miz and Truth will be forced to be dragged through the mud for a national TV audience.

The burial will be so quick and swift that you would think Triple H would be on the beneficiary end. Instead, it will be used to hype up a match that is months away, and is nothing more than a ploy to raise pay-per-view buys.

Miz and Truth will eventually recover, but unfortunately, it will be months down the line.