Urijah Faber vs. Dominick Cruz III Is the Only Fight That Make Sense Right Now

Leon HorneAnalyst INovember 20, 2011

LAS VEGAS, NV - DECEMBER 01:  Mixed martial artist Urijah Faber arrives at the third annual Fighters Only World Mixed Martial Arts Awards 2010 at the Palms Casino Resort December 1, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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Often times people feel that Urijah Faber is given too many opportunities because of what he did in the WEC and what he did to help popularize the lighter weight classes. They felt that his performances after losing his WEC featherweight title didn't warrant the hype and push he was receiving.

To an extent people were right, but with Faber's submission victory over Brian Bowles last night in what was a picture-perfect performance, there can't be any doubt in people's minds that Faber is the most deserving fighter of a title shot right now in the bantamweight division.

Last time these two mixed it up in the Octagon, Faber dropped Cruz on numerous occasions and was the first fighter in a very long time to make Cruz look human. Faber was landing with more power than Cruz, but Cruz landed more volume which is why Faber lost in their last fight.

Being the only man to beat Cruz in his career thus far and the fact that both fighters are 1-1 against each other, it only makes sense to have them complete the trilogy to find out who the better man really is.

Also of note is the fan interest this fight generates for the bantamweight division. There are great fighters in the lighter weight classes and anytime Faber is fighting, you can expect more people to tune in. Couple that with the fact that the last time these two fought it was a very exciting fight from the fan's perspective and Faber vs. Cruz III is the recipe to the final chapter in one of the great rivalries in the sport.

This rematch is very important for Faber, should he lose, he will most likely be looking at a much longer road back to title contention in the bantamweight division and a move back up to featherweight maybe warranted.

Although it may have appeared to some as though Faber was getting the big fights based more off of his name than on the merit of his performances, if one take a critical look at his record, his recent losses have been to the champions of their respective weight classes.

He lost his title to Mike Brown and failed to get it back the second time around despite fighting valiantly with two broken hands to a five-round decision. His third loss was to Jose Aldo, who is 20-1-0 and looks absolutely unstoppable in the featherweight division, and finally the loss to Dominick Cruz, who's lone loss is to Faber.

It's not like Faber is losing to scrubs off the street, and in almost every one of his losses, he has looked competitive from start to finish. Of course, his body of work while in the WEC is largely the reason for the opportunities he is given in the UFC, but isn't that the case for every fighter?

Regardless of what people might think, everyone can agree that the rematch between Faber and Cruz should be an exciting one and it really is the only fight that makes sense for Cruz right now.


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