UFC 139 Results: Urijah Faber Sends Message to Dominick Cruz with Dominant Win

Michael MillSenior Analyst IIINovember 20, 2011

The Bantamweight match between Urijah Faber and Brian Bowles may not have been scheduled as the main event, but it was surely one of the most anticipated fights of the evening.

The two did not fail to deliver a show, one that only made it 1:27 into the second round.

Favor (26-5) beat down on Bowles (10-2) during the first round, before ending the fight early in the second via guillotine choke.

The winner of this fight is scheduled to receive a match against Dominick Cruz for the UFC Bantamweight Championship sometime in the near future.

Cruz (18-1) has absolutely dominated the competition in the weight class. In fact, he has already defeated both Bowles and Favor before in his career.

However, the one and only blemish in his record did come at the hands of Favor back in 2007 when the two fought in the WEC.

Cruz won the rematch between the two on July 2nd of this year to defend his title.

Now he will be forced to do so again.

This will be the trilogy fight between clearly the top two fighters in the weight class.

A win for Favor could allow him to take full control of the division.

Many have questioned why Cruz hasn't made the push to the Lightweight division yet to create some competition for Jose Aldo, who recently moved up to the weight class himself.