WWE Survivor Series 2011 Predictions: Cody Rhodes Will Reach Star Status

Tom KinslowFeatured ColumnistNovember 20, 2011

For months, Cody Rhodes has been playing to the most die-hard fans, but now, it's time for him to go mainstream.

Love him or hate him, the man was born to thrive in this industry and he's starting to realize his potential. When he brought out the retro Intercontinental Championship belt, it hearkened back to an era when the belt meant something, and future superstars like Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin used it to springboard to the top of the card.

Now, Rhodes has found his stride and has broken out of the petulant child that thought he deserved the world because of his name. The superstar is now a man who believes he's overlooked in the crowded landscape of the WWE and now he's going to earn the respect he thought he deserved.

It has been stunning to watch his evolution, even if it has gone under the radar in recent months. He is everything that older fans love, and it's only a matter of time before he bridges the gap between them and the younger crowd.

Rhodes will have a prominent role in the Survivor Series style match as a member of Wade Barrett's team, by proxy continuing his feud with Randy Orton, his former mentor. Just because the son of the American Dream Dusty Rhodes isn't the captain, don't think for a second that he won't be a prominent fixture in this match.

On one of the biggest stages in all of WWE, in Madison Square Garden, with millions tuning in to see The Rock's return to the ring, Rhodes is going to leap off of the screen and into the hearts of fans everywhere. His character is so inherently unlikable, but at the same time so compelling, because there are so many layers to it.

It may sound silly to say, but Rhodes is one of the rising stars of WWE, and he's going to show everyone why on Sunday. Make sure to tune in, because you're going to get one heck of a show.